The Elephant in the Room

The elephant dung in the middle of the room. I thought about the elephant in the middle of the room but frankly it was not disgusting or nauseating enough to properly represent the way I feel after the massacre of children today. What could bring a civilized people to the place of seeing this happen in their country? Children cut down in the very dawn of their lives never having the opportunity to grow up, graduate, get married or have their own babies. Someone else, with motives that may never be known, made the unilateral choice to take all those lives. An agent of death armed to the teeth with effective weapons that should never have been introduced into the innocent world of those precious children. And what really has me incensed is that with all that senseless murder, and watching TV all afternoon and evening, there has not been one single news report, not one FOX news alert, special edition on CNN or even one word on any network all day covering this horrific tragedy. Instead, every network seems singularly and solely focused on another story of a similar nature but of a scale that is miniscule by comparison. Yes, ALL the networks are focused on the tragic deaths of 20 elementary school children in Newtown CT and totally bypassing the brutal butchering of 3562 other children in various clinics around America. How can this be? I will attempt to explain how both tragedies are actually much more closely related than anyone wants to admit much less talk about. Is it so hard to understand that legalizing the murder of children at the youngest of age flings wide the door to a room where the value of life becomes relative and where what happens in Vegas – strike that – what happens in clinics literally stays there, like so much trash, but what happens in pretty suburbia get plastered across the airwaves as reality TV or senseless tragedy. And both are watched with seemingly equal enthusiasm. Actually the answer is staring us right in the face much like that pile of dung in the middle of the room. No one wants to look at it or talk about it, no one wants to admit how long we have allowed it to just sit there stinking up the place or show how desensitized we have become to it. And for sure no one wants to clean it up, that would be messier still requiring admission to the raw depravity of self serving which tries to push the fault off on someone else refusing to take personal responsibility. And yet when a society places such little value on the most venerable among us and then squeezes a creator out of the picture we have arrived at this logical end result on both counts. We are reaping what we have sown and the means of correction is perhaps too costly in a world for whom convenience and secularism have become commodities more priceless than life itself.