Life on Mars

A few weeks ago I penned a rant contrasting the Sandy Hook shootings with the daily carnage that abortion leaves in waste baskets in all corners of this country. I received many public “likes” and several positive comments. I also received a few private reservations which if distilled down would amount to a rebuke suggesting it was too soon and insensitive to the memory of those children. And while I think I understand those thoughts (with the help of numerous conversations with my devoted wife), I was left still wanting to ask the question as to which group of children’s memory was I being insensitive to. I fully admit my intent was to shock and offend our sense of what is proper. I wanted to highlight the stark contrast of wall to wall reporting on 20 deaths while totally ignoring the thousands of abortions which occurred that day, the next day and every day since Sandy hook to the tune of something north of 160,000 deaths by abortion since that day to the day of this writing (just a mere 45 days).

In the mean time Planned Parenthood on January 7, 2013 announced in celebratory fashion that the 2012 season was a banner year for abortions as if one was describing the success of a hunting trip. To top that, this week as many of us hopefully mourned the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the Center for Reproductive Rights put out a video entitled “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby”. In the video Mehcad Brooks is sitting in a comfortable leather chair holding a rose and talking to the camera. He addresses the camera as “baby” as if the camera is the victorious Roe v Wade decision with comments like “hey baby, did you think I forgot”. He jesters, laughs and grunts in a seductive fashion as he promises to keep fighting for you “baby”. I have included the link if you want to watch it. And actually I encourage you to watch and perhaps gain a fresh perspective on what should offend.

The horrible irony here is to have a black man expressing his commitment to fight for abortion rights. In his movie “Life Happens”, among other things dealing with the history of abortion rights, Ash Greyson exposes the origins of Planned Parenthood as being intentionally planted in the inner city communities to help control the population growth among blacks.

I must say that after watching this vile 40th anniversary video, which is nothing short of demonic in its flagrantly offensive content and delivery, I felt a little better about the abrasive nature of my writing on the day of the Sandy Hook shootings as having ruffled some feathers. Feathers need to be ruffled in a society that walks in absolute hypocrisy where we can spend billions and billions of dollars sending SUVs to Mars hoping to find evidence or existence of even one single living cell. And having found that single cell the headlines in papers and news outlets worldwide would declare the discovery of “Life on Mars”. All the while denying that label to the beating heart of a growing baby in its mother’s womb simply out of a choice of convenience. Does the depravity of our society know no limit? Are you offended?


4 thoughts on “Life on Mars

  1. Jayme says:

    that video saddens me in so many ways. If not for the link advertisement at the end I would have thought it was a farce…wow.

  2. jan o'connor says:

    I admit that for the first time ever, I see no hope (in the natural) for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. The indifference of our nation to human life saddens me more than I can say – and I REALLY hope that I’m wrong on this one.

  3. anna kinney says:

    I just watched that video and it’s just disgusting! It makes me mad that they advertise abortion like it’s something everyone should go try.

  4. anna kinney says:

    I’m not offended by anything you wrote. I’m pretty sure i’ve lost some “friends” on facebook because i repost things about abortion all the time. Once i reposted a picture of an aborted baby and i was shocked that it didn’t get any comments at all. I figured several people would be really offended. It makes me very sad that members of our own family think that there is nothing wrong with abortion.

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