You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Jack Schaap, the former pastor of a 15,000 member denominational church in Hammond Indiana is awaiting sentencing after it was revealed that he had groomed and engaged in sex with a teenager in the church he pastored. He was fired from the pastor position in July 2012.

Here’s my astonishment and question. Why? Why did it take a young girl being seduced to make it obvious this pervert needed to go? Below is a link to a short video clip of this same pastor at a large youth conference in 2010 using a graphic illustration of us as God’s arrows and how He uses events in our lives to “polish” our shafts. Trust me, you do not need to view the video. The still is graphic enough, but the video is far more blatant in its suggestive motions. And there behind him sit numerous supposedly Godly men on the platform watching and doing nothing to stop this “devil” and cast him out of their midst and, of course, summarily fire him.

Many of you know me and believe me when I say I would have stood up in the audience and cried out for his abominable illustration to stop. What has happened in the church where very few are willing to cry “wolf” and sound the alarm, confront and deal with evil in our midst. I challenge all of us to get out of our politically correct milquetoast mentality towards sin and take the risk of challenging sin, both in our lives and the lives of others. Had he been confronted by those “Godly” men (and hopefully fired) back in 2010, there may not have been a young girl seduced in 2012.

This is surly one of those cases which illustrates the quote attributed to Edmund Burke which needs to be put on every one of our refrigerators and car visors.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing”

Really, you could never have made up the story that someone would get away with that illustration and be able to keep his pastor position. Shame, Shame on them, me and all of us who stomach sin in our midst!