“Duck”, your morals are showing!

Although the liberal ground swell is only just starting to raise its ugly head, it is fairly straight forward to predict a big backlash against the hugely popular reality show Duck Dynasty.

The premise of the show, for those who have not watched or refuse to watch it, is actually somewhat challenging to describe.  The main characters (and I use that term with all the attached innuendos possible) are mostly related family members surrounding and running a duck call manufacturing business.  All of the men have significant facial hair (think Chewbacca or worse), trophy wives and hill country accents to match their camo or country attire.  They play their respective parts with huge amounts of tongue in cheek attitudes and cliché posturing that fits or exacerbates the hick/swamp thing manner of their assigned roles.  At least that is the casting call.

Truth be told, these are savvy and well-educated business men who have parlayed what would otherwise be the realm of weekend wood carvers into a multi-million dollar company that produces ostensibly the best duck calls in the world.  Combine that with a talented manner of not taking themselves all that seriously and you have the makings of a quirky, funny and thought-provoking show that has become the most watched “reality” program on TV.  These “hillbillies” are committed Christians (most with advanced college degrees) who have long-standing marriages with their wives and loving multi-generational relationships with their kids and grandkids.  They artfully deal with a variety of subjects from the absurdly humorous but also many of the significantly important moral issues facing both teens and adults today.  A recent episode addressed kids waiting for marriage to have sex or even “mess around”.  Most every episode ends with the family praying together at family dinner with background narration distilling down the moral of the day into an exhortation for clean if not Godly living.  I’m sure some on the left are already lining up to call the PC police and have them locked up?

I pray the fame will not affect these street wise Christians who have a wonderful opportunity to refresh our country’s moral landscape with serious down to earth debate and wisely articulated principles.


One thought on ““Duck”, your morals are showing!

  1. Linda Livingston says:

    I have never watched this show only saw the commercials. I am glad to know that not all new shows have a liberal cast to them. So many shows on tv today are so liberal leaning .

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