Snip Snip – A whole new perspective on Birth Control

A Pennsylvania physician, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, is on trial for his life after being charged with the death of 7 babies although it is suspected he may have killed well over 100. The babies he is accused of killing were “unfortunately” born alive during an attempted abortion. Once alive and breathing on the hospital table, he then proceeded to snip their little spines at the base of the skull to fulfill the mothers “choice”. Personally I think if he is found guilty he should get the death penalty. But actually there is a much bigger issue here that totally defies logic.

Partial birth abortions are performed every day in America and the only difference between what this doctor did and others performing a partial birth abortion is the simple fact that the delivery of the baby was able to be paused for a few short moments once the head is delivered to allow the spine to be snipped just prior to that last push.

Having been present at plenty of births, I have to tell you that it was sometime difficult for my wife to “pause” the push button at that critical point in the delivery. Only if the shoulders are larger than the head is there much pushing needed after the head has been delivered.

And although the partial birth approach accounts for a fairly small percentage of “abortions” in this country, does anybody else see the duplicitous contradiction to throw the book at this doctor while daily sanctioning almost identical action in various clinics across America.

Birth control by “choice” is nothing short of population control by legalized murder born out of convenience.


3 thoughts on “Snip Snip – A whole new perspective on Birth Control

  1. Linda Livingston says:

    our moral compass in this country is way off. so sad for the babies .

  2. Brandi says:

    Hits even closer to home having just given birth seven weeks ago…it crushes my soul to think of it…

  3. Lainey Staires says:

    Agreed, Milton. This makes me sick to my stomach!

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