What’s good for the Gander is good for the Gander

No you didn’t misread the duplicate in my title nor did I have a typo.  I have come to realize that many postmodern preachers are all talk and no ….. I’ll just leave it at that, all talk.  They give lip service to honoring women but follow it up with comments like this one recently from mega church pastor Mark Driscoll while giving a sermon on Ephesians 5:22-23.

“Women who publicly disrespect their husbands encourage others to disrespect their husbands.  This doesn’t mean you don’t disagree with your husbands but you do so respectively, privately”.

Now, I basically agree with that quote and before you women hang me out to dry, I also believe the same should be said the other way around – but it wasn’t.  And this was only the beginning of his sermon about women surrendering – strike that – submitting.  Why is it that my wife is supposed to honor and respect me in public and very little if anything is said about my showing honor & respect for my wife in public?

Many of these same types of pop culture pastors have gotten on the band wagon of referring to their “smoking hot wives”.  And although that draws a chuckle from me when one of the Duck Dynasty guys says it (because of the tongue and check of contrast with their redneck, bearded and hillbilly persona) it just doesn’t settle in my spirit very well much like when a pastor like Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church in NYC posts twitter comments about his wife like the one below.

carllentzProverbs 31:20..”she opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy..” @lauralentz is the love of my life..I pray in heaven, I can still hang out with her.. A more gracious woman I have never known..Proverbs 31:32 “her leather pants are like water to her husbands soul..”

Really???  I love my wife and feel like I won the lottery when she decided to join me in this great adventure.  But I respect her far too much (not to mention my fellow brothers in the Lord) to paint some image in other people’s minds eye as to even hint at anything sexual or lustful much less make light of adding an extra verse to Proverbs 31.  If my memory serves correctly, it doesn’t end well for those who add or take away from scripture – I’m just saying.

When did a covenant decision to follow Christ and promote His holiness make the leap into so easily launching out into sexual innuendo?  It’s as if I can hear Mister Rogers saying “can you say avoid even the appearance of evil?”

From where I’m sitting, and I’m just expressing my opinion, Christian men need to embrace a bit more redemption in the area of letting go of the “machismo” male dominant rhetoric that would more easily be found in savage or Muslim societies.  Yes I am my wife’s protector and guide (if she ever needs it), but to me that includes protecting her virtue and modesty by keeping my mouth shut in public when it comes to intimate issues.

By the way, my amazing wife is graduating this week from ORU with her Masters of Divinity – 3 cheers!!!

Note:  If I post a quote or comment I do so from public domain and not from “insider” secret gossip.


2 thoughts on “What’s good for the Gander is good for the Gander

  1. Linda Livingston says:

    i agree with your comments milton tell Barbie congrats! Drew graduates with his bachelors May 11. He is going on for his masters

  2. Jayme says:

    Never really thought about this one, but yes I agree. It contributes greatly to a theme I’ve been studying a lot lately: that we are creatures of extremes and we really struggle to hold to the road…especially in religious matters. In “Pilgrim’s Regress” Lewis refers to the two sides as “North” and “South” of the road. North is coldness and rigidity (legalism and works-based living in the church) and South is unachored and sensation-based (relativisim and shallow theology). So our culture used to be very hushed and frightened of sexual discussion (North). Now perhaps it flies to the other extreme, past openness, and all the way to lewdness and a dishonorable treatment of something that’s supposed to be sacred…”the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty” (1 Cor. 12:23)

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