Ignorant blind bliss!

Two tragic deaths occurred in the past few days in Texas.  Both of these preventable deaths happened under the cover of darkness – one literally and the other both literally and figuratively.  Under a moon light sky, several teens were playing and celebrating the birthday of a friend on the grounds of the National Ranching Heritage Center on the campus of Texas Tech University.  Somehow one of the young men impaled himself on the horn of a bronze statue of a Texas longhorn bull and bled to death.


The other, more costly death (in terms of quantity), was the defeat of a bit of legislation being voted on in the Texas capital last night.  This bill would have limited late-term abortions, restricted the use of chemical abortions and reinforce the requirement for viewing ultrasounds prior to the performing of an abortion.  Due to a 10 hour filibuster by a female legislator and constant interruptions by the protestors, the vote was not completed until 12:03.  Unfortunately (for God knows how many babies) that was 3 minutes too late according to the rules in spite of the 2/3 majority who voted in favor of the bill.  This death was greeted by the uproarious cheers of thousands of protestors.

Abortion Restrictions Texas

If I can distill this down to the brutal bare bones for us all.  These people, mostly women, want to be able to kill babies at ever-increasing ages (ultimately to include post birth “choice”), do it by the most painful means available (chemicals) and not be required to look at what they are killing.  This is responsibility on par with putting a blindfold on an adolescent, putting a loaded gun in his hands and telling him to start shooting.  If you people (yes I said “you people”) are so convinced you are in the right, why would you ever have a problem looking your baby in the eyes (which by the way are open around 26 weeks and detecting light) before you feed him/her some poisonous brew or cut them into pieces to be sucked into the trash.  But instead you scream and fight for that blindfold so you can remain “ignorant and blissful”.



One thought on “Ignorant blind bliss!

  1. Linda Livingston says:

    So sad that those people are so blinded to the truth.

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