Is it just me or is the water getting hotter?

If you Christians haven’t noticed yet, our cultural society here in America is changing faster than we can protest it.  Never mind the fact that what is promoted today from Hollywood is advocated tomorrow by society and found as scandal in church leadership the day after tomorrow.  How can this be and what are we doing “wrong”.  I believe I can answer that serious and oft debated question in one word – Assimilation.

 Throughout history, people groups or religious sects who have chosen to try and “get along”, assimilate and fit in with the ever-changing societies around them have inevitably disappeared or lost their identity.  Many leaders in today’s church practice the massaging and amending of commands and prohibitions in scripture in order to blend with the surrounding society.  This happens because surrounding society’s standards and morals have worked their way into the church via those with less than an absolute commitment to scripture and the call to holiness.  Now that divorce, pre-marital sex, bankruptcy, drunkenness, gluttony, GOSSIP, homosexuality, abortion and now same-sex marriage have worked their way into the participants of “Christian society”, many church leaders have been backing off the clearly stated principles of scripture in order to not offend and to, of course, keep those all-important tithe checks coming in.

This is the Frog in the boiling water which I equate with assimilation and “getting along”.  This is not the answer; it never was and never will be and will only result in us getting cooked in the process.  It is little business of ours what the world is practicing around us.  Our responsibility as Christians is to solidly maintain the preaching and practicing of scripture in our times of fellowship and worship together.  We then become examples and ministers of the Gospel of Christ and might even use words if necessary to minister that grace.  Those outside the church are frankly sick and tired of Christians protesting (for example) same-sex marriage when the divorce rate in the church is on par with the un-churched.  They see this as hypocritical and good reason to steer clear of Christians;  and frankly I agree with them.  In light of this, the church is perceived to have lost the moral high ground and replaced it with our high horse.

 We need to get our own house in order and live out the Gospel in unity with our brothers across all denominational lines.  Then and perhaps only then (according to John 17) will the world come to know or even care that Christ has come.  Get out of the ever-increasing hot water of the world that is slowly boiling away any deep care for the Gospel.  See yourself as being in “life boats”, in the world but not of it, always watching and available to pull those to safety when they cry out for help.

 So after the Supreme Court basically struck down the definition of marriage today, what should be our response?  Protest, play along, placate, praise the PC move towards “equality” or pray.  If the un-churched are not “seeing the light”, be wise as you consider whether it’s because their eyes are closed or you light is going out because you have tried to blend in and not “stand out”.


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