“Swift” to do evil – Proverbs 1

I have to admit I have been struggling in my heart the past couple of days with my own sin.  I reacted wrongly to a situation with a family member, got angry, then got depressed over the fallout and have been trying to regain my peace.  Scripture tells us that evil is lurking around every corner waiting to destroy us (paraphrased).  I tend to love the kind of movie where a great evil is committed (think Liam Neeson in Taken) and the hero goes to great lengths to rescue or get retribution.  Not that I’m swearing off those kinds of movies, but they certainly contribute to my strong and often imbalanced desire for justice or “payback”.

Then this morning as I was checking Facebook, I began to notice how many people (some with their younger children) attended the Taylor Swift concert last night.

This gave me pause to consider how my own appetite for certain movies or entertainment affects my foundation in Christ.  I Cor. 13 speaks clearly that love doesn’t seek payback and in fact it (Love) keeps no record of wrong.  So where did I get this strong desire to exact my “pound of flesh”.  Oh, that’s right, I love to watch those kind of movies.

Which brings me to Taylor Swift.  Yesterday I heard an interview on KRMG of a girl who was going to the Swift concert and she was asked why she likes her.  The young girls replied “because she is such a great role model”.  Great role model – really?  Role model for what exactly?  Let’s see, it seems she has a new boyfriend every couple of months and she dresses about as provocatively as one can.  So what do we do in response?  We help finance her good girl turned bad girl image by endorsing her antics by buying tickets, going to her concerts and in doing so we are telling our young impressionable daughters that they should follow Swift’s example.

In the video below, you initially see the “good girl” image that changes at the 2 minute mark to reveal the “bondage” underneath.

Who do I blame for my payback mentality, who do we blame for our sons and daughters wanting to emulate Bieber, Swift, Cyrus and countless others.  As Christians we only have ourselves to blame as we have abdicated the charge to be watchmen on the walls of our hearts and minds and the hearts and minds of our children.  Garbage in – garbage out.

Lord we are surrounded but help us not surrender, give me the strength to put a Godly guard over my eyes/heart/ears and mind.  Help me keep my eyes on you and you alone.