The Huffington Un-Post

I don’t usually tip toe into very many secular debates and try to stick to helping exhort myself and the Church to get or keep its own house in order but I took a short side trip this week and it proved to be very telling.  There was an article about a 15 year old boy who had decided he was a girl and had won a court case allowing him/her/? to use the girls bathroom (brilliant – why didn’t I think of this tactic when I was an adolescent young boy? But I digress).  This was touted as a case that had to be won for the sake of the comfort level of the young … human and his/her feelings.  I wrote a comment suggesting the argument had been turned on its head asking why for the sake of the 1 in 10,000 transgender person the other 9999 have to be the ones who are placed in the position of discomfort knowing that a biological opposite gender might be going to the bathroom right next to you.  Sure because of stalls and such this might not be a huge issue, but then why not require the transgender person to simply use the biologically appropriate bathroom using that same argument?  The Huffington Post summarily deleted my question along with 2 additional comments of a similar nature in which I tried to actually enjoin the subject with legitimate questions.  This re-taught me a lesson I have known in the past but had set aside in hope of change.  That lesson is that the LGBT community has no interest in intelligent debate or discussion on issues like this.  Because they have influentially placed members in the media, they simply control the debate through deleting or ignoring any counter thoughts.

P.S.  This a a biological boy who has not gone through any sex change.


One thought on “The Huffington Un-Post

  1. anna kinney says:

    I don’t see any reason why that child shouldn’t be just fine using a staff bathroom. Just one more reason to homeschool my girls. I would never be ok with my girls being forced to use the bathroom with a boy.

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