College Bum!

My youngest son works at a local higher end restaurant as a server.  For Valentine’s Day, they had a wonderful fixed menu which had this very popular place booked solid for that special date.  It has always galled me how people either tip nothing or very little to servers (Christians have the worst reputation for this practice).  Are there really people around today that don’t know that servers are only paid $2 per hour and that the vast majority of their income comes from those tips?  Because the servers often have to “tip share” (as is the case with my son) with food runners, the hostess and the bar tender, if someone doesn’t tip it can actually cost the server out of his or her pocket to serve these … (this is me breathing and trying to think of words I can actually publish here to describe those kinds of people)…. selfish, uncaring, entitlement mentality and thoughtless people.  One such case that happened Friday night had me speechless (not for long as evidenced by this writing).  A young couple had a wonderful meal totaling $136.  They wrote on the top of the ticket “Excellent Service!!!!!!” in large bold letters.  They then wrote “College :(” on the tip line and added no tip.  If you can afford a more expensive restaurant, you can afford a 20% tip or least you can spend $20 less and give it to the server instead of indulging your selfish gut.  I don’t only rant about this practice, on my Valentine’s Day date with my wife; I tipped $15 on a $56 tab.  My son has no mouths to feed, but everyone of those self-centered leaches returning no tip, low tip or “College :(” tickets should be countered with “food from my kids mouths”, “electricity for my laundry”, “gas for our hot water”, “rent for the roof over our heads” or “College”.  I’m just saying!!!


3 thoughts on “College Bum!

  1. jmobeox6 says:

    I need to edit it, I inserted a frowny face and when I copied and pasted it I didn’t notice it came out as anL

  2. Brandi says:

    What does “College L” mean?

  3. Well said. We have ex-servers in our family who have instructed us in the way. This is a good reminder for everyone.

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