At Home in the Cockpit

A passenger on a recent WestJet flight left a note for the female pilot who was the captain on his flight.  In the note the passenger writes that “the cockpit of an airliner is no place for a woman”, “a woman being a mother is the most honor – not Captain” and “we’re short mothers – not pilots”.

Where do I start in response to this kind of “Christian” ignorance?  In Proverbs 31 (also referenced in the note by this passenger) the woman of noble character whose “husband is respected in the city gates” is not some spinstress who sits at home all the time making clothes and cooking food.  Yes she does those things but she does a lot more than that.  If the author of that note were to actually read his Bible instead of blurting out some stereotypical jargon of Christianese, he would find that Proverbs 31 woman running her own vineyard business, producing her own line of clothing, marketing those clothes, being well spoken (and well spoken of), well educated, a great mom, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Sometimes I wonder where the caves are that harbor these cloistered and theologically incestuous “believers” who keep to themselves and foster uneducated and socially inflammatory theological positions like these and others (think Westboro haters and flat earthers).  Where does one dig up the kind of arrogance and hypocrisy to 1) – stay on a flight captained by a woman and then 2) denigrate that woman as having no legitimacy to be the captain.  If this passenger had any integrity to his ignorant position he would have at least refused to patronize the flight and benefit from the woman captains’ 17 years of flight experience.

If I didn’t know better I would suggest these are liberal plants doing these things in order to give Christians bad press.  But alas, I have actually met these kinds of self serving, bigoted and chauvinistic people.  They are the same types who throw either John Calvin or Jacobus Arminius under the bus because they are unable in their closed tiny minds to understand the big picture painted in the Bible which has a lot less detail than they would like so they fill it in with their own selfish details in order to suit their current beliefs.

Pheeewww, glad I got that off my chest.


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