The Stone Age Called and Wants Their Etiquette Back!

Where do these people come from?  My son Chad works at an upscale restaurant here in Tulsa where the average per person tab is $40-$50.  Needless to say they had a very busy weekend this past weekend due to Fathers’ Day and a special they were running allowing for unlimited “refills” of any of the courses.

One family had already been seated and Chad had prepared the table next to them for the next reservation of 9 with plates, napkins, water and silverware.  He later returned to the 1st group only to find the father bouncing his bare footed baby all over the freshly prepared table for 9 like a dancing marionette.  Of course Chad had to wash and reset the table for 9.

diety fet

Once the table for 9 arrived, the unthinkable occurred (as if the dancing baby wasn’t enough already).  That family also had a baby and they changed his dirty (and I mean dirty) diaper right there on top of the table in the middle of the restaurant.

dirty diaper

Then a group of rather large folk (Chad described them as some of the largest he had seen who could still move) took full advantage of the re-orders with everyone at the table re-ordering the meat entre 6 times and the desert course 4 times over.


All of these groups only confirmed their lack of societal norms by barely there or no gratitude (tips) to Chad for his service (Chad has won awards for his excellent service record there).

Ultimately I’m sure there is no answer or point to this blog, just an unashamed rant.


2 thoughts on “The Stone Age Called and Wants Their Etiquette Back!

  1. Steve Walker says:

    Unfortunately, the offenders in this smelly tale would probably respond badly should they ever hear it and realize the role they played in it!!!

  2. Angie H says:

    I used to waitress at Po’ Folks, ages ago. They also had all-you-can-put-in-your-fat-face specials every day…JOY…they had huge (both in number and in size) groups come in every Sunday, the restaurant had a special banquet room for larger groups, and I had the pleasure of serving this room quite often. The really sad/pathetic commentary I had during the entire time I worked there, “church” groups…were the worst tippers, the worst behaved, and the most rude…EVER. I really felt like standing at the front of this banquet room and giving a little sermon on what it really means to be a witness for Christ! Unfortunately, we as Christians have (mostly justifiably) been pegged as jerks when it comes to tipping and restaurant behavior. That is just sad…and I wish somehow we could get away from that and be known for our graciousness and generosity. We are witnessing to people everywhere we go, by our attitude, mercy, love and gratefulness.
    Give Chad a big hug, and tell him to just keep on doing a good job, and being wonderful…don’t become cynical and jaded. 🙂

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