There is no Shame!

It only took a couple of days for Harry Reid and the Democrats (not trying to be political here – just recounting the facts) in the Senate to vow quick legislation and vote to overrule the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Hobby Lobby case.  Please pay attention to this!!!!  If you thought the concept of being ashamed for your actions was still alive in America, think again.  There are only 2 possible reasons for them to want the overturning of this ruling.  The first is that they so hate and despise the unborn and want to kill as many as possible.  The second reason could only be that they don’t want people to have to take personal responsibility as to when, where, how and with whom they have sex which (brings with it certain obvious consequences and responsibilities).

I have thought for some years now that America has turned a corner from which there is no return and this latest action from some of our highest leaders only adds to that conviction.  Christians will have to more and more make hard choices, learn to deal with being hated for those choices and learning that to not make those hard choices is an option that will only garner us rejection by Christ.  But be encouraged, if we honor Him before men, we will be recognized when we see Him face to face.  Father, please give us the strength to endure.

Jeremiah 8 – 11They treat my dear people’s wounds as though they were not serious, saying, “Everything is alright! Everything is alright!” But it’s not alright. 12Are they ashamed that they do disgusting things? No, they’re not ashamed. They don’t even know how to blush. So they will die with those who die. They will be brought down when I punish them,'” says the LORD. 

PS  By the way Harry, Justice Thomas is Black!



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