50 Shades of …. Why all the Fuss???

There has not lacked posts pro and (mostly) con in relation to reading or watching the book/movie 50 shades of Grey.  I even just finished reading a long thread discussing the discussion.  This blog will be simple and straight forward …. at lease for Christians.

If you are a Christian, there are countless verses dealing with avoiding lust and putting guards over our eyes.  I will not insult your intelligence to list them here.  If you doubt me, feel free to do the work of looking into scripture yourself (if what scripture says matters to you).  I will post one verse I rarely hear Christians use – Eph. 5:12 – It is shameful even to talk about the things that ungodly people do in secret. In context, this verse is addressing deeds of darkness and sexual sins in particular.  If we are not supposed to even talk about those acts, it is no stretch to include a prohibition against reading about or watching sexual sins and deeds of darkness.

In the discussion discussing the discussion, the question was asked why or if we should say something with the suggestion that we should mind our own business or that watching it is no big deal.  Here is again the simple straight forward reason to say something (to fellow Christians)  – Ez. 3:17-19 – 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman over the people of Israel. Listen to what I say, and warn them for me. 18 Suppose I tell you that wicked people will surely die, but you don’t warn them or speak out so that they can change their wicked ways in order to save their lives. Then these wicked people will die because of their sin, but I will hold you responsible for their deaths. 19 But suppose you warn the wicked people, and they don’t turn from their wicked ways. Then they will die because of their sin, but you will save yourself.

So you see, unless I want to be found guilty of the same sin of watching, reading or talking about acts of sexual immorality and sin (see previous paragraph) I must warn others not to talk about, watch or read about sinful sexual acts and deeds.

I hope that was simple enough.

PS – I have not read/watched 50, will not and simply know that it involves overt sexual sin.

PSS – the reason we are not supposed to engage in “sin” is because it separates us from God – and that is a bad thing.

PSSS – I have no objection to what occurs privately in between married couples – but that is not what this movie is about!!!

Added on 2/8/15 – release week of 50 Shades and SI Swimsuit edition – SI – Black and White – NO Grey here!

As 50 Shades of Grey comes out this week I am re-posting a blog I wrote about it last year. In addition I am adding this clear and Godly challenge to every guy out there to throw away or avoid looking at this year’s (as well all subsequent years) SI Swimsuit edition. It is pornography only worse because it has somehow garnered a semblance of credibility among “conservatives”. I will state this as plainly as I know how. These women did not just wake up one day and say to themselves “gee, I think I want to take my clothes off and become an object of lust for men”. They only do this because of the tremendous amount of money they make combined with what fame accompanies their unrealistic bodies being put on parade for the pigs who pay for this stuff. I can boldly say pigs because I have been one of those pigs in the past. But I have made a covenant with my eyes, not to mention my wife, that I will not contribute to the objectifying and trafficking of women. And anyone who says it’s not trafficking is ignoring the super highway of commerce surrounding porn of all types to include SISE. I personally have not “partaken” in years and was prompted to make this exhortation as the cover was flashed across the nightly news with a flag covering what they could not show on PG-13 television. 


One thought on “50 Shades of …. Why all the Fuss???

  1. Kathryn says:

    Yep, pretty simple.

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