Turn the Basket Upside Down and see what falls out!

Although the writing of this blog will do little to change the (forced) bowing down to special interest groups in America, it is worth noting the complete hypocrisy associated with these groups when it comes to Christians.

I do not need to spend much time listing all the law suits which have been brought by the gay community against various Christian businesses who have tried to refuse allowing that (gay) belief system to be practiced at or patronized by their business.  Bakers, photographers, florist, venues and others are on the list.  The most recent to hit the headlines was a farm wedding venue that refused service to a gay couple only to be forced to pay for their wedding and reception as punishment.

I’m sure those special interest groups are cheering at the “equality” and “justice” that has just been served.  But wait, what if the Christian community turned the tables on some of those special interest groups and decided to go and practice our religion at their venues and business.  I mean aren’t Christian supposed to spread the Gospel, preach and evangelize the world.  Maybe we should go to the gay bars or strip clubs and hold prayer meetings, preach loudly or hold worship services and try and cover up the naked dancers – because that would be us having the freedom to practice our beliefs at their place of business.  But try that and the cops will be called and you will be ask to leave or be arrested for disorderly conduct with a likely court order to “cease and desist”.

I don’t actually have to imagine the above scenario as it has actually happed just as described.  And just for the record, I do not propose Christians start doing this as it would be RUDE, CONTROLING and SELF-SERVING.  But let the gay community do it and it’s called fairness.  Really?  Yes really – – – – really really hypocritical.


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