But what about all the other abusers out there?

I previously posted my opinion that the real reason people have come down so hard on Ray Rice is because of a reach back to “outdated” Christian principals of men caring for, watching over and protecting the weaker sex which is of course in direct conflict with the women’s movement for equal rights.  It seems ironic that our society finds is so easy to champion Christian values when it suits their agenda and just as easily throw them out the window when those values appear to be too narrow or judgmental as in the case of same sex marriage – which of course raises a whole new problem in the discussion on domestic violence, but I digress.

Now Adrian Peterson and a couple of other prominent football players have been suspended for abuse of a child or spouse.  As I stated in my previous post, I was raised that it is wrong to hit women.  This and other life lessons were however drilled into my backside with generous amounts of corporal punishment from my parents who loved me deeply and were devoted to my future.  Can corporal punishment go too far?  Absolutely it can.  Did AD go too far?  Sounds likely, but that is not the purpose of this blog.

My question is why the focus all of the sudden placed uniquely on football players?  What about abuse to spouses or children that has been doled out by parents or spouses who were team owners, lawyers, judges, corporate executives, teachers, coaches, Wall street tycoons, construction workers, pastors, policemen, bakers, movie stars, etc. etc. etc.?  I don’t necessarily have the answer, but I do find these “newly” found conviction of conscience being disproportionally applied to football players in comparison to the rest of society.  What corporate executive was ever sidelined for something like this?  What pop culture icon lost his/her role in the next movie or had their next 4 concerts canceled after giving in to anger?

Is it because a majority of NFL football players come from inner city black neighborhoods?  If so why isn’t someone claiming racism?  Is it because of all the money they make?  Why not cry wealth envy or apply the same standard to Wall Street executive or famous people.  Is it because they are big and strong and can more easily hurt?  What about brick masons or gym rats who outnumber football players probably 100 to 1.  Is it because football is such a “violent” sport?  Maybe, but then what about rugby, boxers or MMA fighters?

I don’t really have the answer (although I suspect it lies somewhere in the push for a “kinder gentler” world – not to be necessarily confused with a more Godly world), but I do think the question is well worth asking and doing the hard work of fleshing out the answers.

The real reason Ray Rice is going down

I want to say right up front that I do not condone domestic violence of any sort.  I was raised that it is never right to hit women.  And I recognize the serious problem for women in DV situations and their misguided but chronic reluctance to report and all too oft decision to stay with the abuser.

Having expressed my personal opinion I must, for social honesty in America, offer the progressive norm we are being fed everyday that men and women are equal, there is no difference between the sexes and organizations like NOW and others are striving to eliminate the last vestiges of discrimination towards women in all walks of life.  With that being said, why is there such uproar over a fight between an engaged couple in which there is clear aggression spitting and blows coming from both sides?  In fact, after a short 1st round, we see Ray backing off into a corner only to be aggressively attacked by Janay who appears to be winding up to punch Ray.  Why are we so incensed that Ray defends himself with a preemptive punch of his own?

The answer is actually much clearer than some, check that, than most are willing to admit.  They are not willing to admit the real reason because it smacks way to much like the stuff we are being told doesn’t matter anymore.  Characteristics that are outdated, old fashion and ……. wait for it ……. just a little longer for effect …… Judaeo/Christian principals and Christ like characteristics.

It is God who commands men to guard, care for, watch over and protect the (say it isn’t so) weaker sex.  Biblical principals are being rejected in wholesale fashion on nearly every front here in America and around the world.  But have some guy win a fight in an elevator against the “poor defenseless woman” and the social dishonesty of running back to embrace a Biblical principal shows that people are completely inconsistent and hypocritical in their rejection of traditional values while at the same time being willing to pick and choose which ones to support depending on the latest PC wave.

So Ray and Janay, as a Christian, and I understand you both have committed your lives to Christ and been baptized, I apologize that traditional Christian values got in the way of your “private” moment.

I Get It – Because I also don’t Get It!

A friend recently posted a video of ISIS in several situations executing various groups of people who I guess were opposing combatants.  I was deeply disturbed by the video and was left asking myself “so barbaric, how could anybody do that?”  As I was contemplating this video it came to me that Israel, under the direct command of God Himself, was ordered to “kill every man, woman and child” (I Sam. 15) which I also find disturbing.

So for all of you who feel like you don’t get it and can’t serve a god who would “do things like that” or “allow thus and so tragedy” I want you to know that I understand where you are coming from because I don’t exactly get it either. 

And just for the record, I don’t understand how a loving God could allow such a dedicated servant as Bro. Bill to suffer so much at the end of his life.  Neither do I understand why so many prayers go unanswered – including my own.  And why does the church in America seem so impotent?  I, for the most part, simply don’t know and don’t understand.  But what I do understand is being able to focus on the testimony of the life Bro. Bill lived and the prayers I have witnessed answers to (including my own).  And I can garner hints from scripture (Mal. 2:13-17) that the prayers of the church may not be answered because of the high percentage of divorce amongst His people.  And for the most part, those reasons feel somewhat academic.

And in light of a recent video of Victoria Osteen which has garnered a lot of blow back, do I serve Him for Him or for me.  That’s perhaps an even tougher question.  I answered her comments with “Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe – Creator, Savior, Master, Lord – I obey because He is, not because I am” and I believe that with all my heart because Jesus in the garden submitted in obedience to a very hard thing because He preferred the Father’s desires over His own.  But as my wife pointed out to me this morning from Heb. 12:2 the reason Jesus (also) obeyed and endured the path to the cross was because of the joy and happiness He knew it would bring Him.  I’m not sure I totally get that either.

So here is the end of the matter for me – do I serve Him because He is the all powerful Creator who has the power with half of a thought to destroy me and all mankind or do I serve Him because He knew me in my mother’s womb and knows how much hair I have?  Do I serve Him because of the sacrifice of His Son for our sins or do I serve Him because He as the Potter and I the clay He can make me a special plate for kings or just as easily a chamber pot for slaves?  Am I devoted to Him because I have known His loving embrace in time of trouble or because at times I feel as though He is not involved in my daily life?  Is he worthy because of what I perceive as harsh judgment on individuals or entire people groups or because He shows mercy to someone who I see as unworthy. 

I am left with nothing else but the answer being YES to all the above.