The real reason Ray Rice is going down

I want to say right up front that I do not condone domestic violence of any sort.  I was raised that it is never right to hit women.  And I recognize the serious problem for women in DV situations and their misguided but chronic reluctance to report and all too oft decision to stay with the abuser.

Having expressed my personal opinion I must, for social honesty in America, offer the progressive norm we are being fed everyday that men and women are equal, there is no difference between the sexes and organizations like NOW and others are striving to eliminate the last vestiges of discrimination towards women in all walks of life.  With that being said, why is there such uproar over a fight between an engaged couple in which there is clear aggression spitting and blows coming from both sides?  In fact, after a short 1st round, we see Ray backing off into a corner only to be aggressively attacked by Janay who appears to be winding up to punch Ray.  Why are we so incensed that Ray defends himself with a preemptive punch of his own?

The answer is actually much clearer than some, check that, than most are willing to admit.  They are not willing to admit the real reason because it smacks way to much like the stuff we are being told doesn’t matter anymore.  Characteristics that are outdated, old fashion and ……. wait for it ……. just a little longer for effect …… Judaeo/Christian principals and Christ like characteristics.

It is God who commands men to guard, care for, watch over and protect the (say it isn’t so) weaker sex.  Biblical principals are being rejected in wholesale fashion on nearly every front here in America and around the world.  But have some guy win a fight in an elevator against the “poor defenseless woman” and the social dishonesty of running back to embrace a Biblical principal shows that people are completely inconsistent and hypocritical in their rejection of traditional values while at the same time being willing to pick and choose which ones to support depending on the latest PC wave.

So Ray and Janay, as a Christian, and I understand you both have committed your lives to Christ and been baptized, I apologize that traditional Christian values got in the way of your “private” moment.


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