Nothing new under the sun!

Some things never change and there are a couple of stories which are about 4000 years apart as examples of this truism.

2000 BC – Everyone will remember the story of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah.  When the men of the city came to Lot and asked that he allow them to have sex with the men who were staying with him, Lot refused.  The men of the city went into a rage and accused Lot of being judgmental towards them and lashed out at him threatening him with great harm.

Modern day – a new reality show (My Husband’s Not Gay) which is starting next week is being attacked as judgmental towards the homosexual community.  Why?  Because the new show is about 4 men who are attracted to men but have committed to live heterosexually (think Dennis Jernigan) with their wives and family because of their conservative religious beliefs.  The argument is that those men are not being allowed to let their “true” feelings out and are being judged and “forced” by society into a “traditional” box.  Almost 100,000 have already signed a petition for the show to be canceled and not allowed to air because it is so offensive and judgmental to the gay community.

Clearly Lot wasn’t judging those men by declining to give up his guest and clearly this new show is simply highlighting a handful of examples of men with religious convictions choosing traditional values over an alternative lifestyle.  Basically both of these are stories offer no judgment, no attack on the gay community, no indictment of the homosexual lifestyle.  No judgment of any sort is/was offered by Lot or this new TV show any more than someone deciding not to have sex before marriage as their life choice.  But the mere refusal by Lot to entertain their request or any suggestion of an option to an alternative lifestyle is perceived as judgment by the gay community.  Some people are very comfortable with the lifestyle choices they have made and then there is a huge community of people who, by their reactive, vehement and defensive actions, may be displaying a significant insecurity in their own lifestyle choices – which raises a whole new set of questions not to be discussed for now.

The spirit of this world is the same as it was from the beginning, always ready to accuse. We must continue to be on guard, watch and not grow weary.


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