Ok, maybe I’m a little sexist.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the opposite sex as evidenced by the fact I have been married to one for over 33 years.  But, NEWS FLASH, there are differences between the sexes. I know that may come as a shock to you, but this breaking information has actually been confirmed by recent studies.

There are the obvious outward differences, the different reproductive roles along with other differences which if I delved into them I would be treading on dangerous PC ground.  Suffice it to say men and women are different in many ways.

One of the ways men and women differ is what kind of marketing they tend to respond to best.  For example (Note: general statements not absolutes) the sex sells marketing strategy tends to be directed most often at men.  Most shoe advertising is directed at women.

Another example became clear when we were looking for a name for our below ground shelter business.  I originally came up with the name 6 Feet Under Shelters with the tag line of “rest in peace of mind”.  The guys loved it, but the women nixed it.  The diving line was almost without exception.

Last year Barbie picked up a magazine for me about marketing with numerous articles on how to tell your business story.  The highlighted article was about Renee Richardson who was the new global marketing manager at Caterpillar (a heavy equipment manufacturer).  She initiated a new advertising campaign showing a mini excavator maneuvering amongst expensive china and heavy equipment playing a giant game of Jenga.

My initial thoughts were that it was a somewhat cute/clever way to advertise (although personally, I bought a Yanmar excavator).  This morning as I was scanning the headlines one in particular caught my attention – “Single Company Spells Doom For Global Economy”.  The reason, the recently released devastating earnings report for Caterpillar who estimates that worldwide sales will be down 9% this year.

Now perhaps it’s too much of a reach to tie a mini excavator tiptoeing around china to music and the falling sales of heavy equipment, but then maybe I wasn’t the only one who thought the advertising was cute and clever as opposed to being really impressive – like tearing down a building.

So here is where I may be a little sexist.  If I am going to buy some makeup or perfume for my wife, I’m going to the lady sales person (not that there would be that many men in the cosmetics department).  And if I am going to buy machinery, I will probably go talk to the sales guy.  Not because I’m sexist, but because I’m not as interested in how well it can place stemware as I am in how efficient it is in digging my shelter holes.  It’s vitally important to know and to market to the right audience, and apparently even the global economy depends on it.

So go ahead, be a little sexist also, and call me a guy:)


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