Whose side are you on anyway – Theme Video

This video best illustrates the purpose of my blogs.  John 17 is Jesus’ prayer for unity in the church as the means by which the world will know that Christ has come.  But “the church” is 50,000 separate denominations and counting – shame on us.


Sticks and Stones

How someone in America today could join in a song, chant, rap, poem or reading which involved racially offensive comments, words or names is beyond me.  And it’s not like people are walking around with monstrous camcorders on their shoulders we are in the day and age where everybody caries a small compact camcorder in the form of their smart phone.  It’s stupid and rude to engage in activity like this and even more stupid to be unaware that you may very well be recorded doing your reprehensible chant.

Having said that, there is an even bigger issue going on here which makes reaction to this racist song appear almost hypocritical by contrast.  When I was growing up my mom would always tell me “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”.  There was no illusion that the bullying words were in any way ok, just that they can’t really hurt.  But there are things happening at fraternities and other parties on college campuses which make offensive words like the “N” word pale in comparison.  Women willingly and against their will being physically and sexually used, raped and videoed for the exploitive entertainment of real evil in the form of self centered adolescent boys (and girls).  Then there are hazing events involving both fraternities and sororities which have physically and emotionally wounded gullible young freshmen for decades if not centuries, not to mention at least 132 hazing related deaths since the mid 1800s.  The peak decade was just the last decade with 25 hazing related deaths and our current decade is on track to beat that number as there have already been 13 as of Nov. 2014.

As reprehensible as that song being sung on that OU bus outing was, no one was being raped, beaten, burned or lynched.  And whereas we do have freedom of speech in America, there are times, like that one, where I wish we could make exceptions.  But therein lays the complicated tension of having free speech in America.  Blacks can rap about abusing or killing whites, cops, women or other blacks.  Crowds can walk the streets of our cities chanting “we want dead cops and we want it now”.  College leadership looks the other way while fraternities and sororities (predominately white populated) conduct their time “honored” traditions of rushing, hazing, wild sex parties and drinking.  But have a white guy get caught using the “N” word on tape and a 159 year old fraternity gets the boot, people are expelled and lives are ruined.  What about the older frat brothers who taught him that song???

It would of course been ideal if the fraternity had policed itself by suspending membership for the balance of the year for the purpose of “cleaning house”.  but now there is a lawsuit and based on the 1st amendment, the fraternity probably has a good case for reinstatement and/or financial compensation for being summarily “cancelled”.

In no way do I minimize hateful language, but I suggest we have become a country which strains at the gnats while swallowing camels left and right.  Political correctness is nothing more than a smoke screen for what really ails us (U.S.).  Society as a whole has rejected God and the Judeo/Christian ethics our country was founded on.  Combine that with a church that has itself become morally challenged on an increasing level and you have the makings for a society in a desperate slide with little to stop it.

But, if God’s followers, who truly identify with Him, will recognize the arrogance of their prideful ways, will turn to prayer and sincerely seeking His face while at the same time rejecting the evils of our day which cover the gamut from gossip, divorce, pornography, etc., God’s promise is that He will, even now, hear our sincere prayers, forgive our sins and heal our broken ways of thinking.  Yes Lord!