Open season on Christians, just Christians!

This will be short and to the point.  We have a reprised uproar over Christians being allowed to be consistent with their strongly held religious convictions in the work place in addition to their personal lives.  Indiana’s new law being call a restoration of religious freedom has garnered a huge outcry because it is being construed as allowing Christians to discriminate against gay couples in their baking, bed & breakfast lodging or photography businesses.  And yes the law should protect those religious convictions.

Why no one is answering these critics with questions like “should a Muslim catering business be allowed to decline the business of a church who wants them cater an Easter picnic spread with ham as the main course”?  A devout Muslim would have an equally “strongly held religious conviction” against preparing, serving or eating ham.  Or should the Jewish deli be able to decline an order of crab cake sandwiches for a business’s conference luncheon?  Jews would be likely to have a similar conviction against preparing or serving shell-fish.  Or should the Amish farm restaurant be able to refuse proving video or canned music along with the whole house dinner reservation for some corporate outing because of their convictions against using electricity.  The list of parallels could go on endlessly.  Places of business “discriminate” every day in America with “no shirt, no shoes – no service”, “no smoking”, “no firearms”, “heads and/or arms and legs must be covered to enter”, “coat and tie required for service”, “no bare feet allowed”, “must remove sunglasses & hats” (sorry Bono), etc.  The list goes on and on.

So don’t let anybody try and fool you that this whole outcry is not singly and totally about forcing Christians, and only Christians, to assimilate and cave under pressure from today’s secular progressive society.