When doing the right thing is somehow wrong?

This week it was made public that the oldest Duggar son, Josh, acted out when he was a younger teen.  His actions were in fact discovered at the time and although not immediately it was reported to the police some months later, counseling and support were provided for the “forcible fondling” (as identified in the police report at the time).  In other words almost everything that should have been done or was legally required to be done was done combined with correction and counseling.  Was it all done perfectly?  Probably not, it rarely is, but there were never any subsequent reports of additional wrong actions by Josh committed against anyone after that time which is a testament to Christ’ redemptive power as Josh indicated these events led to his salvation.

How many 14 year olds have been on the giving or receiving end of “forcible fondling” and worse which was never reported, was covered up or, even more troubling, either ignored or encouraged.  Unfortunately far too many and in fact a report from almost 10 years ago listed the rates at 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys.  I suspect this number is much higher due to the historic cliché of kids “playing doctor” which is rarely reported.  But have it happen to a high profile Christian and all hell (literally & figuratively) breaks loose in an attempt to cancel or discredit an entire family.  One of the first and most vocal complainers has been honey BOBO’s mom – not exactly the most stellar example of character who is most recently reported to be shacking up with a registered sex offender.

It took character, strength and wisdom for Josh’s father to report the whole incident to the police and get the appropriate help for all involved.  His actions probably arrested what could have become a hurtful pattern of abuse.  I certainly hope & trust all the victims in this case have been able to walk out of this in a healthy way as well.  It certainly seems Josh has experienced significant victory in his life in the past 12 years since that event to include revealing his actions to Anna (who became his wife) two years before they were even married.

Sexual abuse should NEVER be diminished or ignored.  It is hurtful, selfish and destructive with consequences including depression, a multitude of psychological challenges and sometimes even suicide.  But here is a case in which almost all the right steps were taken to help those involved.  There have been no additional reports of moral failings and in fact testimonies of Gods healing grace.  But you would never know it by the news reports where you hear quotes like “it was finally revealed”, “Josh has finally come clean”, “the family covered it up”, “police reports have been destroyed” (which is common in juvenile cases) etc. etc……

This is journalistic and societal dishonesty to be “shocked” or “outraged” at the reality a 14 year old boy acted out in some testosterone driven sexual way.  Can I see a show of hands people – really!  Don’t get me wrong, that is no excuse and most are never confronted and go on to led a less than noble moral lifestyle afterwards.  But due to a strong commitment to Christ and holiness by his parents, Josh did not go on to become just another person, journalist, football player or “good old boy” out there sowing his seeds whether welcomed or unwelcomed.

The Family Research Council lost what may have been the best person to lead such an organization.  A humble sinner saved by grace, aware of his weaknesses and excited about helping others find suport in times of need.

Footnote:  Just to be clear as to what is happening here.  Secular society is so determined to degrade and discredit Christianity they have now taken one of the most redeeming tenants of Christianity, being the redemptive power of the forgiveness of sin, and made it something evil.  Never mind the fact that secular society does far worse things but when there is some bright hope relating to forgiveness of sin, they go bonkers because they reject access to that forgiveness and retaliate out of their own guilt and shame.


One thought on “When doing the right thing is somehow wrong?

  1. Jan says:

    SO agree. Thanks for your words.

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