False advertising!

This week the supreme court of Oklahoma voted 7-2 in favor of a resolution stating the 10 commandments monument on the state capitol grounds must be removed as it is unconstitutional.  Since constitutional law is not my area of expertise I cannot properly debate this point.  On a practical note if monuments like this are in fact against the intent of the constitution, then why didn’t our founding fathers deal with it at the time of its writing?  There were countless examples of Christian inscriptions, carvings and monuments on government grounds and buildings in the 1700’s.  Their silence on destroying or removing them at the time would seem to be a clear message that it was not their intent for the separation of church and state to include references to the Christian religious principals upon which they patterned that very document.


But on an even more practical note, I whole heartedly agree that every single vestige of Christian symbols or writings should now be removed from any and all government institutions nationwide.  Why, you ask?  Very simple.  It’s false advertising, not that I want to reduce Jesus to an advertising campaign, but the current occupants, rulings and practices of those inhabiting governmental institutions are a misnomer to Christianity.  It would be like a yard sign in the front yard of a murderer which says “a really good man lives here”.  Simply stated, it is misdirection for the reputation of Christ for His name to be associated with the current state of affairs related to our government and I would just as soon that not be the case.  So if or until our country as a whole actually returns to the tenants of Christianity, I for one don’t want to be sending a mixed message to the world as to what a Christian nation might look like.


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