The next shoe to drop, about a kid’s size 3!

This one has been coming for a couple of decades now and although Christian religious liberties will probably be the next big target of Satan and his minions (otherwise known as mainstream pop culture in America), the normalization of pedophilia will give it a run for its money.

Whoa, back the child abuse train up, you say.  Too late, the train has already left the station.  A conference was held in July 2014 at the University of Cambridge and sponsored in part by the American Psychiatric Association.  The purpose was primarily to discuss the categorizing and classification of sex and sexual attraction with/to children at certain ages for official legal court purposes in Britain and the USA.  Pedophilia has been defined as a sexual preference for pre-pubescent children.  However in recent decades with puberty starting at younger ages, there was a proposal to categorize sexual interest in 11-14 year old children (post puberty) as hebephilia and label it a disorder.  The categorization proposal was defeated.  That defeat in the words of Ray Blanchard, professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and the person who led the APA’s working group on the subject, was a legal ruling “tantamount to stating that the APA’s position is that sexual preference for early pubertal children is normal”.

One of the conference’s participants, Tom O’Carroll who is the former head of the Pedophile Information Exchange and a multiple child sex offender himself, was quoted as saying “it was a rare few days when I could feel relatively popular”.   Professor Philip Tromovitch of the Doshisha University in Japan stated plainly in his keynote presentation that “paedophilic (adult general attraction to children) interest is normal and natural in human males”.  Tom O’Carroll and Professor Tromovitch enjoyed drinks together after the conference.

Combine this with recent rulings protecting sexual orientation rights and you have the broad open door for the next big social agenda.  The way this is coming down will be to claim that my sexual orientation is to be attracted to young boys or to young girls.  And because protective rights for sexual orientation is on the books, this tactic already has a foot through the door.  This is especially true when it involves 11-14 year olds because of the failure of the AMA conference to label attraction to this age group as a disorder.  It will be tougher and take a longer time for it to trickle down to pre-teens, but like the saying goes “it’s hard to stop a train”.

No way you say!  100 years ago you would have said “no way the divorce rate in the church will be over 50%”, 50 years ago you would have said “no way homosexuality will make it to the main stream”, 25 years ago you would have said “no way Bruce Jenner would “become” a woman” and just 10 years ago you would have said “no way same sex marriage will be the law of the land”.  WAY!!!


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