If you thought all this was about the right to marry, think again.

The recent “hard fought victory” for same sex marriage was more of a 5th column diversion.  In fact it may be more appropriate to call it a sacrificial lamb for special interest. Although the right to marry will be exercised by some, it will only be a small percentage who actually takes advantage of their new found “freedom”.  Unless you were born yesterday you should already know the LGBTQ community has little interest in monogamy.  And those who do marry do so primarily for the sake of appearances or the financial benefits while still practicing sexually open relationships. The whole intent at the outset of the sexual revolution which began in the 60’s was the freedom to have sex when, where and with whoever I want.  The concept of long term monogamous commitment is simply of little interest to those who espouse the tenants of the free sex movement.

The truth is that most states that had refused to come to the table of same sex marriage would have most likely been willing to grant similar marriage type benefits to same sex civil unions given time.  Civil unions were planned to be more like a contract which was fairly easy to both initiate and/or cancel.  But now that same sex marriage is the “law of the land”, the only option for those seeking “equality” is to take the marriage path as civil unions are out.  So this “victory” has eliminated the easy in and easy out civil union set up for full blown marriage and the often costly and lengthy divorce process.

So to understand what this is really all about is to watch over the next few weeks and months and see the new found constitutional rights of the LGBTQ community requesting all manner of “equal rights” from churches and Christian owned businesses with predictably punitive lawsuits to follow.  There will be no such tactic used on other religious institutions as the beating down of evangelical Christianity is the intended target.  The main institution which has historically carried the morality standard in the world is the Christian faith.  And now with the wholesale degrading of moral society, there sits the church still espousing holiness and the need for the forgiveness of sin.  In other words, the ever present reminder to the collective guilty conscience of society that God is not pleased.  To discredit the moral standard bearer is to artificially assuage ones guilt and in the process attempt to add legitimacy to their a-moral practices.

So all of this is little more than a vain attempt by the LGBTQ community to feel good about the lifestyle choices they have made by discrediting those who appear to have chosen what is traditionally considered “clean living”.  Here’s the twist, they feel justified in their attacks since the church has already lost the moral high ground and are perceived to be hypocrites.  This is because of all the financial corruption, divorce, sex scandals and unwise “hell, fire and brimstone” preachers out there.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there is not enough of that type of preaching, but where it is lacking is within the walls of the church, not on late night TV.  Too many have taken it out into the face of an indifferent society.  And why are they indifferent?  Lots of reasons, but they legitimately view one of the biggest reasons as being the unwillingness of the church to maintain the high moral standard itself while still pointing what is perceived as a condemning finger at a secular society.  It should come as no shock at all to us that they have become dismissive and cynical at Christians and Christianity.  So why would they feel anything but justified in further harming or throwing Christians under the bus.

I believe the church bears some responsibility here as we have become increasingly arrogant in telling others to do and be while not practicing our own preaching.  In 1 Peter 4:17 it is made clear that judgment begins with the house of the Lord.  So if we are to be persecuted for our faith, let make sure it’s because we have earned it by our holy and Godly lives and not because of hypocritical ones.

Dear friends, you are outsiders and strangers in this world. So I’m asking you not to give in to your sinful longings. They fight against your soul. People who don’t believe might say you are doing wrong. But lead good lives among them. Then they will see your good works. And they will give glory to God on the day he comes to judge.  1 Peter 2:11, 12


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