Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

A clandestinely recorded video was released this week suggesting Planned Parenthood (PP), at a minimum, is providing aborted baby parts presumably for research.  PP has denied selling these specimens claiming to only charge for the delivery thereof.

Just for the record, I happen to be very familiar with shipping as I ship out an average of a dozen items each week.  These items range in size from 5”X5”X5” up to 5”X8”X11” and the shipping weights vary from 5 pounds up to almost 40 pounds.  Each of these various sized and weighted items can fit in a flat rate medium size Priority box and it cost me a flat $12.65 to any of the 50 states.

I am not suggesting that the baby hearts, lungs and livers are shipped by the USPS.  But when $30 is charged for one less important item and other smaller items of greater interest to researchers are priced higher and higher up to $100 or more one has to face the reality that these are sales prices and not delivery prices.

PP has not apologized for the practice but has apologized for the unfortunate manner in which this knowledge came to light.  And boy are the liberals outraged.  But their outrage is how the tape was edited and that it was obtained in a “sting” type manner.  The rather long video was of course heavily edited for time, but if you listen to the entire thing, there was nothing noteworthy omitted.

And as for it being done in a sting, do you hear the same liberals outraged about the dozens of sting operations conducted over the past few years which have flushed out Islamic extremist who were planning terror attacks. No, the greatest outrage of late from the left has come in the form of encouraging a boycott of Costco for their lack of selling eggs from free range chickens.  Most notably is Brad Pitt encouraging this action (as if Brad Pitt actually goes and buys eggs from Costco).  And in a month which has already seen the price of eggs almost double, the only people who will be hurt will be those people least able to afford the ever increasing price of eggs because some millionaire Hollywood snob decided it’s best to let the chicken cross the road to get some exercise.

Here’s the catch, the FDA defines “free range” as “having continuous free access to the outdoors for a significant portion of their lives”.  Commercial free range chicken coops (there’s an ironic word to associate with free range – coop) are often just as crowded as caged chickens but with areas where they have access to the “outdoors” like the one below.

free range

And truth be told, all those people clicking “like” and claiming to also join the boycott will most likely still shop at Costco in order to get their $4.99 rotisserie chickens for dinner tonight.  Just out of curiosity, were those free range rotisserie chickens?

So instead of being horrified at the graphic strategy of where the forceps are placed as they crush the life out of these late term babies, the outrage is arrogantly and sadly misdirected at the social life of chickens.  One has to ask where could we possibly go from here?


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