What color is your profile picture?

It has become popular nowadays to color or change ones profile picture to join in expressing trending issues whether it be honoring murdered Marines or celebrating “equality”.  As someone who has several in the military we certainly support our military and soberly memorialize those killed while on duty abroad or on our home soil.

But I would like to focus this blog on the rainbow colored profile pictures of Christians.  I would just like to ask a couple of questions.  Can you explain to me which scripture you came across which enlightened you that homosexuality is no longer an abomination to God?  Did God change His Mind? Will He change His mind about other sins like stealing?  There are about the same number of scriptures dealing with sexual immorality as there are prohibiting stealing.  So if a special interest group of thieves started promoting the acceptance of their robber identity would you color you profile picture silver and gold in solidarity with their desire to have an “equal” amount of money to spend?

The reason God prohibits activity is not because He simply doesn’t like it, but because He knows it hurts and destroys us and/or others.  So as a Christian, for me to encourage and support activity which God has indicated is a destructive activity is to oppose God.

Paul, in Galatians 1:7, talks about those who have decided to follow a “different kind of good news” (God’s Word Translation).  Sure it sounds like good news to the homosexual, thief or gossip, but it will in the end bring destruction in the same way embracing sexual immorality has brought total destruction to every single society in history which has liked, shared and embraced trending sexual “freedom”.

So as we can fully enjoy the Technicolor world God has created, we must recognize that when it comes to the importance of His commandments and the authority of Scripture, God is probably trending a bit more black & white.

black and white


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