Planned Parenthood & Moloch – The fat lady is singing to deaf ears!

I do not need to argue the point brought out in numerous videos recently of Planned Parenthood (PP) marketing baby parts.  The overwhelming evidence is in to include one pharmaceutical firm (StemExpress) which has actually received fresh fully intact baby corpses adding evidence of the murder of babies born alive in addition to the body part trafficking previously revealed.

I have actually witnessed Christians who continue to defend PP because “they perform good aside from abortions” or the fact the baby parts are used for important research.  This rational is nothing more than the heinous argument of “the ends justify the means”.

I am currently trying to evaluate my own responsibility towards another prominent company, the Bayer Company.  This is because of their profiting from the Holocaust during WWII.  Here is an excerpt from a letter from the Bayer Company to the head of the Auschwitz concentration camp – “The transport of 150 women arrived in good condition.  However, we were unable to obtain conclusive results as they all died during the experiments.  We would kindly like to request that you send us another group of women to the same number and at the same price (170 Reichsmarks each or about $68).

Maybe Timothy McVeigh or Charles Manson did some, perhaps even a lot of, good things in the course their lives.  But sane and rational people would never justify putting up with or overlooking the great evil in order to somehow appreciate the good they also did.  This is sick and warped thinking and the kind of thinking which actually encourages the propagation of the evil.  And when evil is given its validation, it never decreases, it always increases.

What have we become when we gladly swallow the cow pie for the simple reason it’s setting on top of a wonderfully cooked steak.  God destroyed the people and countries that killed their babies to honor Moloch.  Moloch’s demand for baby deaths was to help insure abundant crops for the masses.  But in the end the brutal murder of the innocents, in the eyes of God, was no trade off for food.

molochmoloch 2

Everywhere you look today the Bayer Company is “doing good”.  But how could they ever remove the stain of murder and death from the testing and killing of those women not to mention the manufacture and sale of all the Zyklon B gas used to kill all the Jews in those gas chambers.

There really does come a time in all mature adults when evidence demands we come to a verdict and take a stand.  The evidence is clear and abundant and yet some still defend the indefensible.  You/we will be held accountable by a holy God.  The fat lady is singing, can you hear or are you trying to take a crash course in lip reading because your ears have long since been closed.   You only need to go back to God’s word for any hope your ears may be opened and your limp spine regain its strength.


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