Special interest demanding special treatment!

Have you ever been asked by your employer to do something you didn’t want to do?  I suspect almost everybody would answer yes to that question.  But has your employer ever asked you to do something, which although not against the law, you have strongly held religious convictions not to do.  Such is the case for a county clerk in Kentucky named Kim Davis.

As of this year, it is no longer against the law for same sex couples to get married.  The same is also true that it is not against the law to fornicate, eat shell fish, watch porn, work on Sunday or drink alcohol.  But least we forget, keep in mind drinking alcohol, pornography, certain activities on Sunday and adultery have been against the law in our country in recent history.  And it should come as no surprise that some of these things, including same sex marriage, have been at times against the law in the US since our country’s founding had significant roots in Judeo-Christian beliefs.

But to my knowledge, and I did do a search, no has ever been arrested for refusing to obey an employer when asked to sleep with a client, work on Sunday, watch pornography or take a client out for a cheeseburger (as a practicing Jew).  It is truly a shock that we have gone from gay marriage being against the law to a county clerk being arrested for not issuing a marriage license to a gay couple in less than a year.

So for those of you who think the LGBT community doesn’t demand (and get) special treatment over EVERYBODY else, take a good look at this county clerk who followed her strongly held religious beliefs.  She has now been arrested and will reportedly remain in jail until – as reported on the news tonight – “she changes her conscience”.  “Changes her conscience”?  Not only must we endure a degrading society, but now we must comply (read change our conscience) or be arrested.  Big brother is truly getting too big (for his britches).

Kim Davis was prepared to face the consequences for her refusal which would have presumably been dismissal.  Oh, but that would never have been good enough to please the LGBT crowd.  Just like other cases such as those who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, the LGBT community wants her to be forced to pay large and punitive monetary damages.  Not too unlike the mantra of extreme Islam which is not satisfied to just disagree, you must convert to their way of thinking or pay a monetary sum.

This story would have been thought laughable just 20 years ago and because immorality always spirals downward, don’t you dare be surprised at what will face Christians in the future.  Seems like I’m not the first one to suggest not being surprised at what awaits believers.  1Peter 4:12, 13

This county clerk has only been a Christian for about 4 years after a depressing life of failed marriages and children out of wedlock.  But there was something that caused her to take her faith seriously and I can only hope I will be as faithful when the time comes for my faith to be tested.


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