Love Wins – Really?

Just a short blog having to do with some facebook discussion surrounding my blog from yesterday about the Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis and her being jailed “until she changes her conscience”.

A family friend posted something referring to the verse in the bible indicating we are supposed to obey the governing authorities (Rom 13:1) making the point that Kim was not obeying scripture by keeping to her convictions if it involved breaking governmental laws.  I brought up the verse where Rom. 13:1 is trumped (no presidential reference here) by Acts 5:29 where we are supposed to obey God rather than man if it comes down to a laws involving sin.

For the most part there was lively debate (although some found it hard to stick to the actual subject) until someone (claiming to be a lover of Jesus) said she hoped that lesbians perform gay sex in front of Kim the whole time she is in jail.

I called this person out suggesting that the “love wins” mantra seems to eventually fall apart when they don’t get their way and that I couldn’t see Jesus wishing that punishment (watching gay sex) on anybody and questioning how that could be loving.  This person’s response was to send me pictures of homosexuals kissing.  This was combined with comments from this person’s (I presume also “Jesus loving”) spouse quoting scripture to me from 1Cor. 13 about the characteristics of love.  When I asked if they were in agreement with me that it would not be loving to force someone with a conviction against homosexuality to watch gay sex and their reply was that the gay sex was representative of that 1 Cor. 13 kind of love.

This was open debate and comments offered by those claiming to be “lovers of Jesus”.  As sad as it is to say, I can actually imagine a day when some porn star, rapist, child molester or murderer will be seen thumping their chest and pointing to the sky in some act of “devotion” to Jesus.  We have already seen, gay pastors and VS models who claim to be Christians.  Not making a comparison, just being honest about how far we have degraded in just a few short years.  Immorality is like a landslide once it gets going there is little chance of stopping it until you reach the very bottom.

Maranatha – Lord come quickly!!!

Update:  I didn’t realize there are already numerous “Christian” porn stars who pray before filming.



One thought on “Love Wins – Really?

  1. Ted Luoma says:

    The typical reactions against Bible believing Christians demonstrates that this movement has absolutely nothing about love.

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