Do pigs fly?

I am no saint, but my West Texas “ole fashion” upbringing forces me to take a short excursion into the political realm for a short blog.  I have been watching with some interest, if not good dose of curiosity and confusion, at the meteoric rise in the poles of one Donald Trump.  The reason I say confusion is because I have never witness someone garner so much attention and popularity for being openly rude and offensive except for maybe in the boys locker room.  Sure, the quarterback or top pop guy in school can get a few laughs and attention when he tells gross or rude stories behind the closed doors of the “men only” protection of a room shared by showers and toilets.

One of the values I learn while growing up was both biblical and cultural and that was to treat women with respect.  And whereas the Donald has done a great job of stirring the pot and charging the discussion around several subjects which can sure use some good debate, he has in my humble and old fashion opinion”, sullied the waters of debate and threatens the reputation of the Republican party.  His attacks on women put him in a category I can only describe as pig territory.  Historically he has called Rosie O’Donnell names like slob and big fat pig, Arianna Huffington a dog adding he understands why her husband left her for a man.  He has suggested, incestuously, that he would date his daughter if she wasn’t … well… his daughter. Just since the current campaign started he has irreverently attacked Megan Kelly of Fox News and just yesterday saying about Carly Fiorina “Look at that face.  Would anyone vote for that?”  And just for the record, I have not listed here the worst comments he has said as I want to keep it PG.

So can pigs fly?  You be the judge!


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