Pot calling the kettle black?

I will try and keep this one as short as possible but I am outraged.  I don’t know how many noticed the story this week where an Office Depot refused to print some flyers for a lady because the flyers were in opposition to Planned Parenthood.  This is wrong, it’s unacceptable and the height of hypocrisy.  But perhaps not in the way you might think I am writing about.  You see, the woman has decided to sue Office Depot for discrimination and that is what I am furious about.

The subject matter on the flyer was as Godly as could be including a prayer for the unborn, statistics about abortion and was part of a weeklong prayer and fasting campaign in Chicago to help change opinions about abortion.  I fully endorse and applaud the motive, the flyer, the fasting and the prayer.

But I believe the woman should have simply thanked Office Depot and gone down the street to Kinko’s or some other copy place and gotten her printing done.  To handle it the way she did served up the biggest disservice possible to Christian businesses around the country.  Why you ask.

pro life

How can Christian businesses hope to have the freedom to refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding or refuse to host a gay wedding at their church or chapel if we then turn around and make a big scene when a secular business declines our business because they have equally strong objections to the services we request of them.  This is hypocrisy in is raw and purist form.  And don’t even start splitting frog’s hairs with me about private as opposed to corporate or religious convictions as opposed to personal secular convictions.  If we want to have a snowballs chance in hell of being treated with some modicum of respect and freedom in the open practice of our Christian faith, then we must “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”.  So if we want the freedom to refuse service, then we MUST show the same respect and allow them to refuse service.

Fellow Christians, we have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.  We are now the foreigners living in a strange and foreign land and we have to start showing the grace and humility that must accompany our lowly visitor status.  Sure it’s going to get a lot worse, but why hand opportunity for mockery and ridicule to our secular society on a golden platter – it only plays right into their already degrading opinion of us.

If it was God’s kindness that led us to repent should we not see that He set that example in order for us to do likewise in our attitude towards the rest of the lost and un-churched – Rom. 2:4


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