The upside down dismantling of respect!

The leading story on national news last night was “outrage” at the actions of a compliance officer at a school as he physically took down a student and arrested her.  The short version of the video looks pretty violent and would certainly raise questions as to whether his actions were appropriate.  But if all 3 videos are watched and the full story is told we “should” see a very different picture.

This girl was violating school policy with her cell phone, was robbing attention and time from the rest of the class and had been asked several times to leave the classroom with a warning that the compliance officer would be called.  This girl refused to obey the authority of the teacher, the compliance officer was called and he began respectfully requesting (at least 4 or 5 times) for her to voluntarily leave the classroom.  The girl continued in her arrogant disrespectful state even after the officer informed her that he would remove her by physical force if she did not comply.  She did not and he did (remove her by force).  The 3rd video even shows the girl striking the officer with her fist.

School officials said about the event – “What we all watched on that shamefully shocking video is reprehensible, unforgiveable and inconsistent with everything that this district stands for”.  I totally agree with that statement but from the opposite side as the school official meant it.  He was shockingly speaking about the actions of the compliance office and not the rebellious spoiled little twit who was causing the problem.  I don’t know about you, but if I had refused to obey a teacher when I was in school, the teacher would have called coach Beagle, he would have totally man handled me, taken me to his office for 5-10 serious swats, I would have then been expelled from school for 3 days and my parents would have been called to school for a counseling session exhorting them to take responsibility to teach me how to respect authority.

Seriously, you hire a compliance officer and then fire him for forcing students to comply???  Sadly this story is indicative of the tearing down of the basic concept of respect in our country and turning it on its’ head where the person in the wrong (the girl) will probably sue and get a windfall of cash because the poor baby actually had someone make her obey.  Obedience training was obviously not on the menu in her home and the person hired to fulfill a specific job is fired for doing just that.  You tell me; what is the next step he could have taken after 15 – 20 minutes of absolute refusal to comply with her authorities?  Officers are specifically trained to do the take down quickly and aggressively in the event the person being taken down has a weapon.

Even more sad than this story is that the view of the authority of the bible has been similarly lost on church going millennials who see little value in virginity, respect for elders or the doctrine of sin in general.  But don’t blame only the young people, just this week a well respected Christian leader was quoted as saying that he was trying to correct “some local churches which (errantly) believe that if you are not living like a Christian then you are probably not a Christian”.  This seem to me like a redaction of the “by their fruits you will know them (Christians)” scripture (Matt 7:16) from our bible.  Consider Isaiah 5:20 as a warning to anyone daring to flip the biblical status quo when it comes to respect, character and other biblically based themes.

How horrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn what is bitter into something sweet and what is sweet into something bitter”

calling good evil

If only we really did have freedom of religion!

What would you call it if someone respectfully declined to participate in a different religion’s religious ceremony because it would violate your religious principals?  And what if that other religion attempted to force you to “convert” to their way of thinking and you still refused?  So then that religion went to the organization who oversees religious rulings and they handed down what I will call “a different religion tax” of $135,000 because you didn’t agree with their religion?

Freedom of or freedom from religion is the growing mantra, meme and outcry of society and special interest today.  They want to force you to accept their way of life without reserve.  And if that was all then we might be able to just move on down the road and “get along”.  But no, they insist that you actually participate in their religion.  And further still, they want you to keep your mouth shut about your personal beliefs, your convictions and the Holy Scriptures.  They want freedom to practice what they believe without any interference from the church and in fact they are pushing further and further into the realm of forcing you to agree and join with them.

Take the case of Kim Davis who was refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses.  I can perhaps understand her getting arrested for refusing a court order, but they took it to a whole new level with one official stating that she would remain in jail until she has a “change of conscience” and many calling for a huge monetary fine.  And the situation I described in the opening chapter is the final ruling, judgment and fine against the bakery in Oregon who refused to knowingly bake a cake for a same sex wedding.

I want to be perfectly clear!  Christianity is a religion and should not be forced on anybody.  But the foundation of society today is secular humanism which is also defined as a religion (as confirmed by the Oregon federal court in 2014).  Even SCOTUS referred to Humanism as a religion as far back as 1961.  So don’t be mistaken, this is not about freedom of or from religion but the replacement of Christianity by Humanism.  But in practical terms, this is entirely about vain attempts by the unchurched to hopefully assuage their collective guilty conscience from the inborn knowledge that there is a Supreme Creator and Lord whom they have rejected.  They have done this in exchange for the god of me and the religion of self worship.  They don’t want you to be quiet.  They don’t want you to keep to yourself.  They don’t really even want you to bake their cake.  What they have done is to embraced the tactic commanded in the religion of Islam.  They insist you to convert to their way of thinking, pay huge monetary fines and judgments if you don’t and ultimately they want you to die or disappear from the face of the earth altogether so as to eliminate the constant reminder of their rejection of Christ.

So in exchange for the Judaeo/Christian principles upon which our country was founded, “the state” is simply replacing one religious foundation with another.  This action is hypocrisy at the highest level as they now establish and force the state sponsored religion of Humanism down our throats all the while decrying and limiting the religious practices of Christianity.  If only we really did have freedom of religion instead of the state church of Humanism being embraced and legislated before our very eyes.  Isn’t this the very thing we were fighting against in the founding of this country?

Google and the Gospel

I wanted to tell a short story of how the Lord can use something as secular as a Google search to be a witness for the Gospel around the world.  Several months back I wrote a blog call “Love Wins, What does that even mean”.  It was basically a blog about the true and amazing Love of God as compared to the love of self and doing the things I want.

Shortly afterwards, I started noticing that every day I would get anywhere from 2-10 people from all over the world reading that particular blog (3 so far today from Indonesia, Egypt & Saudi Arabia).  In particular the audience seemed to be from Middle Eastern & 3rd world countries like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc.  I kept wondering why until one day I tried something.  I Googled “what does ‘love wins’ mean” and my blog popped up 2nd or 3rd on Google.  I realized that non-western, predominately Muslim, countries were hearing the term “love wins” a lot in the media surrounding the SCOTUS ruling and they were wondering what “love wins” means and so they would search the term online.

Isn’t it fascinating that hundreds if not thousands of people in countries widely unreached with the Gospel can get a glimpse of God’s love by something as seemingly insignificant as a Google search.  Who knew ….. well, God knew.

Grow a pair!!!

This blog is a follow up to one I posted a couple of days ago.  I wrote it from a sarcastic viewpoint about Nick Jonas and his “maturing” which gave him the revelation that sex outside of marriage is ok.  The more I thought about it the madder and madder I got and I decided to tell you what I really think (as if I don’t do that already).

By golly, if you decide you are rejecting God’s clear commands in scripture about sin, stop trying to spin it that you have somehow “grown up”, matured or have new revelation about fornication.  Have the cojones to simply say you have decided to become a secular person instead of a follower of Christ.  By trying to massage your “new found beliefs” to somehow be compatible with Christianity you are defrauding Christ and leading others astray.  How many young influential millennials are now having sex outside of marriage for the simple reason Nick Jonas says it’s ok.  I suspect we would all be surprised at how many since he has put himself forward in the past as the Godly kid with his “precious” purity ring.  By trying to keep one foot in the church and the other in the world you show yourself to be little more than a chicken hearted little hypocrite.  Be man enough to be honest and stand on your own 2 feet.

Religious Revelation

BREAKING THEOLOGY NEWS!!!  Nick Jonas’, of the Jonas brothers, has had the mature insight and spiritual revelation that sex outside of marriage is OK.  He was quoted as saying that his decision to remove his purity ring was part of “an intense journey with faith and religion and (his) own growth” confirming that “(his) belief in God is still very important … and that’s all that should matter”.  Nick stated that the wearing of the purity ring was simply “an important part of his childhood” adding that as “(he) grew up, (he) sort of figured out what was important to (him) and (his) own belief system” confirming that he still has his “love for the church”.  Most recently the target of his newly found sexual and spiritual promiscuity maturity is Kate Hudson.


So sad for all of us still trapped in the past who interpret the teachings in the bible as being restrictive on fornication.  Who knew we have been wrong all these years.  Wouldn’t it have just been easier for God to tell us in numerous places in both the Old and New Testament that to have sex outside marriage was an abomination in the eyes of God and worthy of a punishment of death?  I’m so happy that Jonas and this new millennial generation have finally realized the error in 2000 years of church teaching.  Did I mention that Jonas sees this as only having to do with his maturing and nothing else?


Really, why should we think intimate relationships were intended to be covenantal and forever in their nature?  Just because God treats us that way should in no way be any indication of how He expects us to view and treat our intimate friendships.  If only I could be as mature to see this as a spiritual growth issue instead of some physical attraction issue.


If you think about it, casual uncommitted sex has a tremendous number of benefits.  You never have to engage in deep caring conversations (did you hear that guys?).  There is no incentive to grow up, be mature or act like a responsible nurturing adult.  You can “hook up” for as little as dinner and a drink instead of having to risk a comparable amount of money on a dark street corner where the scantily dressed woman might be an undercover police officer.  And, sure to be at the top of everyone’s list, you can abandon the relationship at the drop of a hat without any lingering guilt or legal cost.  So you see there is almost no down side … well unless of course you take into account sexually transmitted diseases at epidemic levels among non monogamous couples.  And then there are the substantially higher divorce levels if you eventually do get married.  And of course I guess we have to mention all the emotional and physical scaring that is common in shop around/sleep around relationships.  But then this is all about spiritual revelation right – not some new hot babe ….. couldn’t be that …. no way.