Religious Revelation

BREAKING THEOLOGY NEWS!!!  Nick Jonas’, of the Jonas brothers, has had the mature insight and spiritual revelation that sex outside of marriage is OK.  He was quoted as saying that his decision to remove his purity ring was part of “an intense journey with faith and religion and (his) own growth” confirming that “(his) belief in God is still very important … and that’s all that should matter”.  Nick stated that the wearing of the purity ring was simply “an important part of his childhood” adding that as “(he) grew up, (he) sort of figured out what was important to (him) and (his) own belief system” confirming that he still has his “love for the church”.  Most recently the target of his newly found sexual and spiritual promiscuity maturity is Kate Hudson.


So sad for all of us still trapped in the past who interpret the teachings in the bible as being restrictive on fornication.  Who knew we have been wrong all these years.  Wouldn’t it have just been easier for God to tell us in numerous places in both the Old and New Testament that to have sex outside marriage was an abomination in the eyes of God and worthy of a punishment of death?  I’m so happy that Jonas and this new millennial generation have finally realized the error in 2000 years of church teaching.  Did I mention that Jonas sees this as only having to do with his maturing and nothing else?


Really, why should we think intimate relationships were intended to be covenantal and forever in their nature?  Just because God treats us that way should in no way be any indication of how He expects us to view and treat our intimate friendships.  If only I could be as mature to see this as a spiritual growth issue instead of some physical attraction issue.


If you think about it, casual uncommitted sex has a tremendous number of benefits.  You never have to engage in deep caring conversations (did you hear that guys?).  There is no incentive to grow up, be mature or act like a responsible nurturing adult.  You can “hook up” for as little as dinner and a drink instead of having to risk a comparable amount of money on a dark street corner where the scantily dressed woman might be an undercover police officer.  And, sure to be at the top of everyone’s list, you can abandon the relationship at the drop of a hat without any lingering guilt or legal cost.  So you see there is almost no down side … well unless of course you take into account sexually transmitted diseases at epidemic levels among non monogamous couples.  And then there are the substantially higher divorce levels if you eventually do get married.  And of course I guess we have to mention all the emotional and physical scaring that is common in shop around/sleep around relationships.  But then this is all about spiritual revelation right – not some new hot babe ….. couldn’t be that …. no way.


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