The upside down dismantling of respect!

The leading story on national news last night was “outrage” at the actions of a compliance officer at a school as he physically took down a student and arrested her.  The short version of the video looks pretty violent and would certainly raise questions as to whether his actions were appropriate.  But if all 3 videos are watched and the full story is told we “should” see a very different picture.

This girl was violating school policy with her cell phone, was robbing attention and time from the rest of the class and had been asked several times to leave the classroom with a warning that the compliance officer would be called.  This girl refused to obey the authority of the teacher, the compliance officer was called and he began respectfully requesting (at least 4 or 5 times) for her to voluntarily leave the classroom.  The girl continued in her arrogant disrespectful state even after the officer informed her that he would remove her by physical force if she did not comply.  She did not and he did (remove her by force).  The 3rd video even shows the girl striking the officer with her fist.

School officials said about the event – “What we all watched on that shamefully shocking video is reprehensible, unforgiveable and inconsistent with everything that this district stands for”.  I totally agree with that statement but from the opposite side as the school official meant it.  He was shockingly speaking about the actions of the compliance office and not the rebellious spoiled little twit who was causing the problem.  I don’t know about you, but if I had refused to obey a teacher when I was in school, the teacher would have called coach Beagle, he would have totally man handled me, taken me to his office for 5-10 serious swats, I would have then been expelled from school for 3 days and my parents would have been called to school for a counseling session exhorting them to take responsibility to teach me how to respect authority.

Seriously, you hire a compliance officer and then fire him for forcing students to comply???  Sadly this story is indicative of the tearing down of the basic concept of respect in our country and turning it on its’ head where the person in the wrong (the girl) will probably sue and get a windfall of cash because the poor baby actually had someone make her obey.  Obedience training was obviously not on the menu in her home and the person hired to fulfill a specific job is fired for doing just that.  You tell me; what is the next step he could have taken after 15 – 20 minutes of absolute refusal to comply with her authorities?  Officers are specifically trained to do the take down quickly and aggressively in the event the person being taken down has a weapon.

Even more sad than this story is that the view of the authority of the bible has been similarly lost on church going millennials who see little value in virginity, respect for elders or the doctrine of sin in general.  But don’t blame only the young people, just this week a well respected Christian leader was quoted as saying that he was trying to correct “some local churches which (errantly) believe that if you are not living like a Christian then you are probably not a Christian”.  This seem to me like a redaction of the “by their fruits you will know them (Christians)” scripture (Matt 7:16) from our bible.  Consider Isaiah 5:20 as a warning to anyone daring to flip the biblical status quo when it comes to respect, character and other biblically based themes.

How horrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn what is bitter into something sweet and what is sweet into something bitter”

calling good evil


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