“Long tube with a bunch of demons”?

I considered several ways to approach this blog and landed on mostly asking questions and letting you decide.  I think we can all agree that Jesus, accompanied by his disciples, was the most important spiritual leader in all of history.  If I ask how He/they traveled you would probably answer that they either walked or rode on donkeys or camels along with the rest of us commoners.  And if I asked where they communed with God I think it is suggested that it was simply during their travels and along the paths they traveled and for Jesus in particular it was sometimes early in the morning.

A few days ago (Dec. 30, 2015) a couple of well known Christian leaders were discussing the justification for their use of private jets in their travels as opposed to commercial travel.  On one level, I can see the value of private jet travel for a heavy speaking schedule and I can tell you that I have ridden on a private jet on a business trip and it was GREAT!  That is not so much what I am discussing but rather their primary justification for private jet use went way beyond the schedule advantage.  Here are a string of quotes they gave as reasons to fly private jets.

“You can’t do that on an airliner” (talk to God) “the world is in such a shape we can’t get there without this – we’ve got to have this” (private jets) “it protects the anointing” (private jets) “you can’t manage that today (praying or having a moment with God on commercial planes) – this dope filled world – you get in a long tube with a bunch of demons – it’s deadly”.  There was also the suggestion that, as an important spiritual leader, you simply can’t have people coming up to you on a commercial plane asking for prayer – dear God, we sure can’t have stuff like that happening!  Or maybe it should happen – when the disciples tried to turn people away from bothering Jesus He continued to minister to the people in spite of any tiredness (Luke 8, Mark 5, Matt. 19).

So I ask – can you talk to God on a commercial airliner?  Does flying commercial planes dampen or limit the anointing or power of the spirit in your life?  When you fly, do you see yourself as flying in a “long tube full of demons”?  Is there some special demon power assigned to commercial planes that is more powerful than God?  Is it spiritually deadly to fly commercial?  Personally, I have not found these airline “problems” in my life.  Perhaps these guys are just that much more spiritually sensitive than me – there I go, giving into sarcasm again – I really have been trying to work on that.

Keep in mind these men in the video are “supposedly” a couple of the top spiritual leaders in the Charismatic movement around World and they justify not flying commercial airlines for the reasons listed above.  I have not ever had problems having deep spiritual moments on commercial airlines (not that I pursue that on every flight) – how about you?  Do you feel surrounded by demons when flying commercial – I sure don’t feel that way nor do I feel that way on a bus, in the supermarket or at work.  I know they are there, but I do not walk (or fly) around feeling tangible oppression by demons on a daily basis.

So to keep this short, I will end by saying that if your schedule “requires” the use of a private jet due to the lack of connections on commercial airlines, so be it.  But I feel extremely uncomfortable with the suggestion that it is necessary because God is somehow limited in his power or ability to speak to or renew you while flying on a commercial airline.  Traveling schedules didn’t seem to be a problem for Jesus and the disciples accomplishing the task set before them and I think that if pants were around in the time of Jesus, He and the disciples would put theirs on the exact same way as you, me or these men.

And we wonder why the un-churched points, laughs and walks (or runs) away.

Perhaps the scripture exhorting us to “be in the world but not part of the world” should be considered by all of us, to include these spiritual giants.


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