Fastest growing terrorist cell(ular) group – Radicalized Millennials.

I think we can all agree that commons sense laws are there to protect all of us.  A few weeks ago Barbie and I were on a bike ride on the river trails which was rather busy due to the seasonally warm weather.  As we were between 71st & 81st we came upon a 20 something guy talking on his cell phone and boldly walking on the bike side of the trail.  As there were several bikers coming from both directions this presented a somewhat dangerous situation as trail is plenty wide for 2-way bike traffic but not so much with the added pedestrian to avoid.  As we slowed and carefully squeezed by with the other bikers I calmly pointed out to the cellularly focused guy that there is a walking side just over there and without missing a beat he retorted “it’s America over here”.

Now I’m not trying to throw a blanket over all millennials as being radicalized, but neither will I be PC silent out of fear of being called Millennial phobic.  I spoke up when my safety and the safety of others was at risk.  But my effort was met with a response that has become all too common among this radicalized group – ‘don’t infringed on my newfound freedom FROM religion, rules, respect, constraints, etc.

One has to ask what caused him to be radicalized.  Did it come from secret internet friends, family members, professors, the ‘60s or was he self radicalized by watching too many episodes of Broad City or Workaholics.  Either way I’m sure his friends and family would be shocked to hear of his attempted suicide mission to take out bikers in the River Parks – they would likely say something like they ‘never saw that coming, he was such a good boy’.  Later it was reported that his cell phone was straw purchased by his parents (with whom he still lives).  It is clear we need new and stricter controls over who can purchase and openly carry cell phones.  This 20 something slipped through the cracks.


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