A hill to die on!

Someone said recently that the only drawback in this year’s election is that one of the candidates is going to win.

There is a lot of truth in that sentiment and I kind of agree – but only to a point – one point and only one point and for me it is the most important point and perhaps that only point that comes from a Biblical perspective.

I’m a capitalist because that is what works.  But one could possibly argue socialism from scripture more easily than capitalism.  But neither of these is an important Biblical foundation to base a vote on.  I am also a concealed carry permit holder and I carry at least one of my guns on my person 24/7 and I strongly support the right to do so.  But even though Jesus encouraged his disciples, on at least one occasion, to buy side arms (swords were the sidearm of the day and the origin of the term) I can also understand the perspective of the pacifist and how that philosophy can be argued from some parts of scripture.  But again, neither of these positions are a hill to die on spiritually.  Being a native born Texan with Texas ancestors dating back to the Republic of Texas, I am a big advocate for “the wall” (I don’t really care who pays for it).  A wall doesn’t seem very inviting or welcoming as could be argued Christians are supposed to be.  But obeying the laws of the governing authority is also a command in scripture – so allowing law breakers into our country or allowing them to stay promotes sin in our midst which is also not compassionate.  But again, a new theology cannot be soundly built about the wall either for or against.  I could go on and on listing many of the platform positions of each party giving the various pros and cons of each.  Many might affect my pocket book such as economic measures.  Some might affect my personal security such as foreign policy decisions.  Others might dictate the power source of the next generation of car I might drive, whether my meat is GMO, whether my gas is ethanol, whether my gun is legal to own or my business gets taxed out the wazoo (why does my spell check indicate wazoo is misspelled?). Will our country’s motto remains “In God we trust”, will bathrooms become entirely neutral and will the true church have to go underground?  All of the above are either possible or likely.

But I submit that all of the above possibilities will only affect, for the most part, my preferences.  But there remains one issue that, as Christians, I do not believe we can waffle on or consider optional.  The fact is that Christians, in mass, stayed at home during an election almost a century ago which resulted in Hitler’s election and the open door to genocide.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly like Trump.  In fact I have written a couple of pretty negative blogs directed at him and will have to hold my nose as I vote.  But we all know (unless you simply don’t care) exactly where Clinton and her new VP pick (as well as the pro choice 3rd party option of Gary Johnson) stand on society’s right to kill the unwanted or despised in our midst which in our case it is the most vulnerable and defenseless in our society – the not yet born.

Will Trump’s election end abortion?  No.  But in light of the likelihood the next presidential candidate will appoint as many as 3 new supreme court justices which will affect as much as a generation. This means our country’s best option to have a chance, as small as it may be, to stem the tide of mass murder that eclipses anything Germany did is to take a chance on the only 2 candidates on the ballet who have a stated view (Trump) or strong record (Pence) of pro-life and a commitment to appoint conservative constitutional justices.

As stated previously, all the other issues boil down to personal preferences or my comfort level – but the issues of sacrificing our children on the altar of convenience is a clear abomination in scripture.  The only thing needed for the continued “worship” of Moloch to be assured is for conservatives and true Christians to simply stay at home or vote 3rd party and by default elect those who, for whatever reason, support the killing of babies.  For the most part, the church, has already lost the moral battle in America (both in society and to an increasing amount in our midst), but the majority of Americans still want restrictions on if not an end to abortion and this is likely our last possible hope to effect a rescue for countless millions who cannot fight for themselves.

To be clear, a no vote or a vote for either HRC or the current 3rd party is a conscience decision to insure the ungodly murder of babies in the womb for at least the next 20 – 30 years.  For me, the choice is clear.  And since all the candidates stink to high heaven (and I mean that both literally and figuratively), I believe the slight chance of eventually saving millions of defenseless children is worth taking a risk with the particular stench put off by Trump.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke