Apples and Broccoli

I Just had to make a short political post on the recent exchange of the 5 GITMO detainees for the 1 likely army deserter.  In the official statement from the White House, spokesman Jay Carney said, speaking of the exchange, “it is absolutely a situation with a long history and precedent where we engage an exchange of prisoners”.  He referenced several wars in which prisoner exchanges were made to include the Japanese and other wars.

Why I have not heard anybody else bring up this point is beyond me – Jay, Obama and any other defender of this exchange, you are overlooking a critical detail in this prisoner exchange in comparison to ALL others.  In all the other wars you referenced, the war or conflict was OVER with signed surrenders, cease-fire, armistice or a clear and definitive end to the conflict.  In the case of the Taliban and other Islamic terrorist, that is simply not the case at all.  What were the Japanese soldiers to do when released, go back and take up arms again in a war that was no more????  The war against Islamic terrorism is ongoing and this exchange is an embarrassment and compromise to the future security of the US (not to even start with the emerging details of Bergdahl’s betrayal, Islamic conversion, sympathizing and collaborating with the Taliban).

Just Saying!!!