All or nothing!

Alabama has it right! We have already lost the abortion battle, which we may lose anyway, if we say murder is OK in some rare cases. It would be the equivalent of saying “well I guess you can murder that person because they had a poor or rough childhood and their quality of life going forward is, in my opinion, not worthy”. And there is where the problem comes in, “in my opinion” makes the killing about me and what I want or think and not about the decision to life being sacred to every single human baby, teen, adult or senior. We open ourselves up to the accusation that we are being inconsistent and hypocrites if we allow for exceptions of rape or incest and those accusations would be completely accurate. As Christians, sin is sin and the minute we start exceptions for sin is the very minute we lose the battle against evil. And just for the record, the church has and is already conceding “land for peace” with the secular society we find ourselves surrounded by in hopes of being seen as more compassionate or acceptable. This is so much a wrong, warped and short sighted focus as our holy Father in heaven is the only one we need to please. So I encourage all Christians to choose sides and choose a path and at the same time to be careful which one we choose. One of those paths leads nowhere good and we already know from scripture that most will take that much easier and broad path with lots of company. And although it is a much harder journey, I implore you to choose the very narrow pathway of real compassion which includes support for crisis pregnancies, housing pregnant teens, adoption and prayer. If you are truly “pro life” this is the only option that leads to true life, both on this earth for the not yet born and eternal life in heaven for those who choose that less traveled pathway.

Surely not U2 – Double entendre intended!

U2, a professed Catholic/Christian singing group from Ireland, launched their 2018 tour yesterday in Tulsa OK.  Ironically, on the same day they announced their support for the repeal of Ireland’s 8th amendment which guarantees pre-born humans the right to life and prohibiting abortion on demand.

I will make this as short and un-sweet as possible.  This is Satan at his sinister best to convince some supposed Christian band to launch their latest tour in the heart of the reddest of the red states (where, if put it to a vote of the people, abortion would lose soundly).  Like so many others, they have surrendered to the god of this world by supporting the murder of the innocents.

And here is what appears to be the most ironically evil part of this whole thing is that they are calling their 2018 tour “Innocence Tour” and they announce that they support the the killing of the innocent on the same day they launch their tour of the same name.

Is there is a special place in hell for those who hurt or promote the hurting of the innocents?  Scripture would suggest so and none of the guilty will escape and neither will U2.  Will their influence tip the scales in Satan’s favor in Ireland’s vote?  If so I am so afraid for them (U2) and the tremendous judgement it may bring.

Diane Feinstein – As libs, we must have our cake and eat it too!

Well, that’s not exactly what she said in the Neil Gorsuch hearing but it might as well have been.  You see when questioning around the subject of abortion Feinstein said that she probably will oppose Gorsuch because he believes “the intentional taking of a human life by private persons is always wrong.”

Does anybody else see the absolute pure and unadulterated hypocrisy in that statement?  Was it intentional, was it a Freudian/Feinstein slip or did her true color get exposed?  You see, we actually do have laws on the books as it relates to the intentional taking of human life by a private person.  And when you exclude the right for self defense, you are left with only one thing and we call it murder.  Feinstein didn’t say that Gorsuch thought the taking of a mass of cells or a fetus was wrong, she referred to it as the “intentional taking of a human life” and according to our laws, that is always called murder.  So wouldn’t that fall into the plus column for Gorsuch to always follow the law by seeing the intentional taking of a human life as always wrong?

These people who support the killing of babies are simply messed up in the head and it comes out in their inability to even get their terms and stories straight.  So eat that cake up baby killers, but just know that it’s going to eat you up in the end.  God will NOT be mocked!

eat cake

Not my (kind of) president!

Trump is not the kind of (read character/personality) president I would prefer.  But then neither was Kennedy, Nixon, Bill Clinton or Hillary (if she had been elected).  Personally, I think Ford, Carter, Reagan, the 2 Bush’s and to some extent even Obama conducted themselves with a demeanor that honors the office.  I’m not sure I see that happening with Trump.  He, unfortunately, is another in a category of what appears to be self serving, and, with Trump in particular, generally not presidential (my opinion).  But alas all those mentioned before, and now Trump, were and are our (speaking of the citizens of US) president.

Was he (Trump) locker room boasting or has he actually grab women inappropriately?  I don’t know and I suggest neither do you.  To talk that way is wrong and insulting to women and to actually act out that way is criminal.  I will tell you that I am VERY glad that hidden microphones were not around for some of the hurtful things I have said to Barbie and she feels the same way about some of the things she has said to me.  We have truly done more damage to each other by some of our unrecorded words that anything I or Trump may have boasted about in the “locker room”.  In fact as I have asked around, most admit that we are fortunate microphones were not hidden in various places for some of the worst things we have said.  This in NO WAY excuses what I have said to Barbie or the demeaning way Trump spoke about women.  But it is disingenuous for most of us to have some huge moral outrage at Trump while at the same time thanking our lucky stars under our breath that some of our “locker room” outbursts were never recorded.  It is at this point I want to apologize to all women for any of the untoward things I have spoken in the past which were insulting towards women.  I am glad there were not many, but I am guilty.  I am far sorrier for how I have hurt my wife with my reactive or cutting words which actually did damage.

So I get it, Trump is not my kind of president either, but he IS my president.  And I actually held my nose and voted for him as, given the candidates we were afforded, I was driven to a single issue and that was abortion.  This single issue is defining and dividing our country more than race, gender questions or cake baking.  It is an issue that gained significant traction out of the free love generation of the 60’s and the lack of wanting to take responsibility for what all that unaccountable sex produced.  Just to be clear, this is a maturity and a responsibility issue not some benign choice issue.  A majority of Americans oppose abortion on demand.  Science has learned so much since the early 70’s to include the awareness of immense pain the not yet born baby can feel after just a few weeks of growth.

Consider this, we would all be outraged if somebody cut open a beautiful Labrador dog, pulled half a dozen puppies out and cut them into pieces.  In fact that person would be arrested and prosecuted for animal cruelty and would likely spend time behind bars.  But do the same thing in a PP office and a million people marching for women’s rights will cheer as if that act somehow preserved civility and rights.  Or the fact that the majority of women who identified as pro-choice, once shown an actual video of a C&D or partial birth abortion change their position right then and there.  My son Chad and I were discussing this subject this morning and he said that a nice white sanitary veil has been hung up to obscure the reality of what is actually happening behind the closed doors of abortion clinics and that people have bought into an idea of freedom, choice and rights that is actually anything but.

I had a close and long time friend write something on facebook this past week to the effect of “if my friends who voted for Trump don’t get it, then just listen”.  So this past Saturday, my wife and I watched and listened to CNN and other mainstream media outlets as the “march for women’s rights” events were televised.  Maybe it is just us “stupid rural” folks, but to watch Ashley Judd’s rant or Elisabeth Warren describe the things she wants to fight Trump about was to end up very confused.  I will just put Ashley Judd aside as I don’t even know what to say about her, but I did not hear very much of what Elisabeth Warren was fighting for that Trump would disagree with or that Trump has not already joined in the fight for.  In addition to listening, we also watched.  And what we saw confused us even more.  For a crowd that was (in truth) protesting Trump’s disgusting antics as much or more than they were advocating women’s rights, we were frankly disgusted by many of the vile signs, costumes and gestures.  Remind me – what was this march about???  We saw signs covering the gamut of subjects, most of which had little or nothing to do with women’s rights.

Now top all that off with the fact that if you were a Trump supporter or a pro-life woman, your rights were not to be included or protected in this “noble” cause.  In fact, you were not welcomed and if you did show up you were threatened and actually chased from the parade route.

So after actually listening and watching Barbie and I did in fact learn a few things.  We learned that well over 50% of the women in America were simply “not welcomed” to this party supposedly promoting all women’s rights.  We learned that Ashley Judd is just plain crazy.  We learned that many people are, justifiably, upset about Trump’s foul mouth and perhaps actions and are willing to get out and march about it.  We learned that the “everyone is welcomed to join” does not actually mean everyone.  We learned that if Trump voices support for something it is ignored but if Elisabeth Warren is for the same exact thing everyone cheers.  We learned that Madonna wants to “blow up the White House”.  We agree that it’s wrong for Trump to say disgusting things but don’t understand why countless people wearing vagina costumes out in public is somehow ok.  We learned that an anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Palestinian woman was one of the main organizers of the march which doesn’t sound very inclusive.

Most of these fears being expressed appear to be red herrings to me.  I haven’t heard Trump or anybody he has appointed wanting to invalidate gay marriages, destroy the arts (although in my opinion government has no business spending tax dollars there but that is not an attack on the arts), undo LGBTQ rights or in any way destroy education (although this should only be handled at the state level in my opinion).  And even though Trump would be called a climate denier, to a person, everyone he has appointed who has been asked in the vetting hearings, agrees that climate change is real.  I have not seen any suggestion or indication that any US citizen might be marginalized because of race, gender or religion in fact, Trump has a better record of equal pay in his businesses than Hillary did among her own staff.

Bottom line, listening should be a 2-way experience.  But we have learned that it is not always that way.  We also leaned that to be included, welcomed or not ignored means something very different with those who lean left than those of us who lean further to the right.  It is normally portrayed that the left is the inclusive and non judgmental crowd but this past weekend would suggest the opposite is actually true.

Planned Parenthood & Moloch – The fat lady is singing to deaf ears!

I do not need to argue the point brought out in numerous videos recently of Planned Parenthood (PP) marketing baby parts.  The overwhelming evidence is in to include one pharmaceutical firm (StemExpress) which has actually received fresh fully intact baby corpses adding evidence of the murder of babies born alive in addition to the body part trafficking previously revealed.

I have actually witnessed Christians who continue to defend PP because “they perform good aside from abortions” or the fact the baby parts are used for important research.  This rational is nothing more than the heinous argument of “the ends justify the means”.

I am currently trying to evaluate my own responsibility towards another prominent company, the Bayer Company.  This is because of their profiting from the Holocaust during WWII.  Here is an excerpt from a letter from the Bayer Company to the head of the Auschwitz concentration camp – “The transport of 150 women arrived in good condition.  However, we were unable to obtain conclusive results as they all died during the experiments.  We would kindly like to request that you send us another group of women to the same number and at the same price (170 Reichsmarks each or about $68).

Maybe Timothy McVeigh or Charles Manson did some, perhaps even a lot of, good things in the course their lives.  But sane and rational people would never justify putting up with or overlooking the great evil in order to somehow appreciate the good they also did.  This is sick and warped thinking and the kind of thinking which actually encourages the propagation of the evil.  And when evil is given its validation, it never decreases, it always increases.

What have we become when we gladly swallow the cow pie for the simple reason it’s setting on top of a wonderfully cooked steak.  God destroyed the people and countries that killed their babies to honor Moloch.  Moloch’s demand for baby deaths was to help insure abundant crops for the masses.  But in the end the brutal murder of the innocents, in the eyes of God, was no trade off for food.

molochmoloch 2

Everywhere you look today the Bayer Company is “doing good”.  But how could they ever remove the stain of murder and death from the testing and killing of those women not to mention the manufacture and sale of all the Zyklon B gas used to kill all the Jews in those gas chambers.

There really does come a time in all mature adults when evidence demands we come to a verdict and take a stand.  The evidence is clear and abundant and yet some still defend the indefensible.  You/we will be held accountable by a holy God.  The fat lady is singing, can you hear or are you trying to take a crash course in lip reading because your ears have long since been closed.   You only need to go back to God’s word for any hope your ears may be opened and your limp spine regain its strength.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

A clandestinely recorded video was released this week suggesting Planned Parenthood (PP), at a minimum, is providing aborted baby parts presumably for research.  PP has denied selling these specimens claiming to only charge for the delivery thereof.

Just for the record, I happen to be very familiar with shipping as I ship out an average of a dozen items each week.  These items range in size from 5”X5”X5” up to 5”X8”X11” and the shipping weights vary from 5 pounds up to almost 40 pounds.  Each of these various sized and weighted items can fit in a flat rate medium size Priority box and it cost me a flat $12.65 to any of the 50 states.

I am not suggesting that the baby hearts, lungs and livers are shipped by the USPS.  But when $30 is charged for one less important item and other smaller items of greater interest to researchers are priced higher and higher up to $100 or more one has to face the reality that these are sales prices and not delivery prices.

PP has not apologized for the practice but has apologized for the unfortunate manner in which this knowledge came to light.  And boy are the liberals outraged.  But their outrage is how the tape was edited and that it was obtained in a “sting” type manner.  The rather long video was of course heavily edited for time, but if you listen to the entire thing, there was nothing noteworthy omitted.

And as for it being done in a sting, do you hear the same liberals outraged about the dozens of sting operations conducted over the past few years which have flushed out Islamic extremist who were planning terror attacks. No, the greatest outrage of late from the left has come in the form of encouraging a boycott of Costco for their lack of selling eggs from free range chickens.  Most notably is Brad Pitt encouraging this action (as if Brad Pitt actually goes and buys eggs from Costco).  And in a month which has already seen the price of eggs almost double, the only people who will be hurt will be those people least able to afford the ever increasing price of eggs because some millionaire Hollywood snob decided it’s best to let the chicken cross the road to get some exercise.

Here’s the catch, the FDA defines “free range” as “having continuous free access to the outdoors for a significant portion of their lives”.  Commercial free range chicken coops (there’s an ironic word to associate with free range – coop) are often just as crowded as caged chickens but with areas where they have access to the “outdoors” like the one below.

free range

And truth be told, all those people clicking “like” and claiming to also join the boycott will most likely still shop at Costco in order to get their $4.99 rotisserie chickens for dinner tonight.  Just out of curiosity, were those free range rotisserie chickens?

So instead of being horrified at the graphic strategy of where the forceps are placed as they crush the life out of these late term babies, the outrage is arrogantly and sadly misdirected at the social life of chickens.  One has to ask where could we possibly go from here?