Google and the Gospel

I wanted to tell a short story of how the Lord can use something as secular as a Google search to be a witness for the Gospel around the world.  Several months back I wrote a blog call “Love Wins, What does that even mean”.  It was basically a blog about the true and amazing Love of God as compared to the love of self and doing the things I want.

Shortly afterwards, I started noticing that every day I would get anywhere from 2-10 people from all over the world reading that particular blog (3 so far today from Indonesia, Egypt & Saudi Arabia).  In particular the audience seemed to be from Middle Eastern & 3rd world countries like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc.  I kept wondering why until one day I tried something.  I Googled “what does ‘love wins’ mean” and my blog popped up 2nd or 3rd on Google.  I realized that non-western, predominately Muslim, countries were hearing the term “love wins” a lot in the media surrounding the SCOTUS ruling and they were wondering what “love wins” means and so they would search the term online.

Isn’t it fascinating that hundreds if not thousands of people in countries widely unreached with the Gospel can get a glimpse of God’s love by something as seemingly insignificant as a Google search.  Who knew ….. well, God knew.